Saliva has been a legend in the game for years and the album Every Six Seconds and its hit singles, the Grammy-nominated “Your Disease” and “Click Click Boom,” catapulted SALIVA into the mainstream and is now certified Double Platinum. The album was one of the staples of the time and was on all rock and metal stations at the time and became one of the most influential albums of the time, that helped usher the metal age of the early 2000’s.  This month SALIVA will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their breakthrough major label debut, Every Six Seconds, with a special project called Every Twenty Years, an EP of classic songs re-recorded with current vocalist Bobby Amaru on May 7 via Megaforce. 


“In the 10 years I’ve been with the band, I’ve realized how strong our fan base really is,” says vocalist Bobby Amaru. “I wanted to do something for the fans for embracing me with open arms. Fans have asked me all the time if we ever thought about recording some of the old hits with my voice. I’ve sung those songs enough that they have become an important chapter of my life. What better way than to revive this album with an EP to mark the 20th anniversary? People of my generation and all around rocked these tunes before and will continue to. ‘Every Six Seconds’ brought SALIVA abundant success and we are all grateful.”


In the early 2000’s Saliva was on fire; they had hit song after hit song and even had a great working relationship with WWE and by the end of 2005 Saliva was a household name and their lyrics were in everyone’s head. Bobby Amaru reflects with us regarding the trajectory of the band and the relationship with WWE. “At the time rock was really big and WWE was huge, it was a huge platform for the band. Shane McMahon was a huge rock fan and they really wanted to merge and take advantage of both platforms that were on fire. They approached the band with the song already written and asked us to record it. It was great that wrestling fans were turning rock fans and vice versa. We worked with them a lot and it was very instrumental in the success of the band, we did “Ladies and Gentlemen” for WrestleMania 23 and we did the Batista theme song, so it was a great thing to be able to work with WWE.” Says Bobby Amaru


September 2001 I was in the military, a 19-year-old kid who just witnessed the twin towers go down in New York City and to defend the country was all that was on my mind. Every time we laced up before going out for combat or duty, we would play songs to get us all pumped up, and every time without fail we played Saliva “Every Six Seconds”. We didn’t know if it was the last songs, we’d ever hear, but we let them be our soundtrack for this part of our life. May 7th marks the release of the re-release of “Every Six Seconds” with five re-recorded tracks and a cover of Soundgarden’s “Spoonman”


Every Twenty Years track listing:

  1. Your Disease (2021 Version)
  2. Click Click Boom (2021 Version)
  3. After Me (2021 Version)
  4. Greater Than/Less Than (2021 Version)
  5. Spyhunter (2021 Version)
  6. Spoonman (2021 Version)


For those who are not familiar we highly suggest you check this out wherever you stream your music and for those who are familiar we invite you to fall in love again. 



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