Multi-artist and creative LUNA clipse emerges with “LUNAcy,” featuring B.K. Habermehl on vocals and produced by GRAMMY® Award winner Jerry Wonda [The Fugees, Mary J. Blige].

The song arrives just in time to help shine a light on Mental Health Awareness Month. On the track LUNA clipse verses twirl in kaleidoscope fashion from unfiltered thoughts to intensely instinctual poetry, accompanied by Wonda’s artful balance of neo-soul textures and hip-hop grooves.

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“I’m inviting people in who think they’re sane,” LUNA clipse reveals.

The birth of LUNA clipse started when a manic episode led to delusions of the Apocalypse, which created a panic that got him falsely charged with assault and placed in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility for the criminally insane. There he started speaking in Rhyme with the other inmates (a textbook manic symptom) sharing the same visions of the Apocalypse. After the introduction to Wonda, he locked himself in the studio and resurfaced with a series of 2021 singles, beginning with “LUNAcy.”


Stay tuned for more music and further announcements very soon.

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