Stefan Brigati


Have you seen ghosts? Felt their presence? Woke up thinking someone was in your room while you were sleeping? Moved into a house or office only to feel past tenants? Were you able and willing to speak with them? Or were you too afraid, cautious, flipped out and wanted help? Stefan Brigati can help you.

Stefan was born with the gift of connecting with spirits of people from the past. It has never left him; it has only grown stronger allowing him to feel and find disturbances everywhere. They come to him in droves.

Stefan is a specialist in Extreme Haunting.

He has made a career of going to the Dark Side. In 1991 he formed the Pacific Coast Paranormal team to investigate claims from people around the world who have felt presences they do not like/fear and wish them out of their spaces. These people cannot go to the police for help – they will only be laughed at and joked about, as paranormal experiences are not something most people believe to be true. THEY ARE REAL! 

People have been reaching out to his team asking for help. Using a device called a gauss-meter, they investigate their claims to see if they are true, set a game plan with his team and the concerned people, to help the spirits move away or find a resolution with the people or families to make peace with the spirits. After an interview with the families or individuals, they know which room or rooms that people have seen or felt a presence. Using devices called spirit boxes, they go from room to room talking to spirits, asking them to show themselves, talk with them, questioning if they are they male or female. How old are they? Why are they there? All of this is being filmed to see if anomalies or people show. After the investigation, the team sits down with the haunted to discuss their findings.

Stefan and his team have found no two claims have ever been the same. How could they?

For many people, the spirits have taken a toll on their lives mentally. Unwanted entities can set people on edge, wanting to move from their dwellings and surroundings. 

Stefan has a radio show called My Darkest Hour, where he invites other paranormal experts or people who have paranormal experiences they want to share. The show has 1.5 million followers who count on answers or insight into the paranormal. It is on History FM, I Heart Radio or any other places you find podcasts.

He also has a TV show called Into the Further addressing the same issues. It is currently streaming on Paraflixx, Roku and Discovery +. People obviously believe and trust in his abilities.


Stefan is also a musician who just won the VCMA Award for Best Rock Band. He is a part of the No Cover TV crew, with an upcoming segment called Strangelands in No Cover Magazine.