Introducing Dreamers Crime, hailing from the land down under Sydney, Australia. Dreamers Crime is a band of four that consists of Peter Repousis (lead vocalist) and Simon Kapsis (guitarist), together with Adam Plimmer (bassist) and Felipe Martelo (drummer) with a heavy rock and metal sound they are hell bent on taking over the world of music one riff at a time. 


“Dreamers Crime is a journey that started with Peter and Simon” says Peter Repousis, “We went to school together and were in a couple of bands, but it wasn’t till we were completely out of high school and in our twenties did we start Dreamers Crime. We had just started a new band and people in our circle would ask us in a condescending way “Are you in a Band? Aren’t you guys like 20? Shouldn’t you guys be focused on your career?” We felt labeled and judged as criminals, being asked why we are not part of society and being asked to give up our dreams. It felt we were being prosecuted for going for our dream and so this is what it was “Dreamers Crime” because nowadays if you don’t fall in line with society, you’re a criminal for going with your dream.


The Band wrote and released their first EP What is real in 2014, which was followed by tours within Australia and time spent writing new material over the next years to come. Since 2018, resting has not been an option for Dreamers Crime as they completed two South East Asian tours including countries such as The Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore. Peter recalls “While working full time jobs it’s tough to just make this happen, we will be coming back the morning we have to be at work. There was a time we landed 45 minutes until class started, but it’s worth it to live our dream.”


The band has spent most of the last few years in the studio writing and recording their upcoming album Here We Are. Produced and recorded by Australian award winners Dave Petrovic and Stevie Knight from Electric Sun Studios. The band released the single “Silence” in January of 2021 and is following it up with their new single “Dreaming” which is now available. “Dreaming is my favorite piece of art we created on this album; every part of the songs we have made on this album has its own magic line in there. When I get to that part of the song, I remember why I do this, and that magic sends me soaring. So, in “Dreaming” there is a line in the second verse that goes “Be the part that breaks away from you” at that point I feel like Goku from Dragon Ball Z and I feel I am just releasing all this power.”


I interview a lot of people in this line of business, but I very rarely come across a band that floors me like this group. The lyrics are thoughtful and deep, the sound is easy and fun, and the hustle is real with them. They are a band that does it all, and all for the love of music. As time goes on sometimes, we forget why we have the dreams we have or sometimes we forget to dream. Dreamers Crime is nothing less of amazing and we would love it if you had the time to check out Dreamers Crimes new single “Dreaming” anywhere you stream your music.

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