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Introducing American artist/songwriter from Sacramento, California the beautiful and amazingly talented Massie. Massie’s art is ridiculous and truly on another level, in a good way. I went into this interview preparation expecting something so much less than I received. Everything she does is thoughtful, well thought-out, and very artistic. I truly feel she is something special and the world needs to stop what they are doing to celebrate her new single “Monsters Under My Bed.”

The single was produced by Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft (Escape the Fate) who was quoted as saying, “It was awesome working with Massie in the studio on this song. She had a vision for the song, and we got in and just executed. We blended heavy guitars with live and programmed drums to fit the sounds she heard in her head. I’m excited to hear what she does next.”

“The concept in mind while creating this was for my best friend, she was going through a divorce and just didn’t want to deal with it while confiding in me that she just wanted to run away. Simultaneously, I was in a debate with myself about breaking up with my boyfriend and I truly didn’t know what to do. We were together for three years at the time and it was a real tough time in our lives. So, I just decided to sit down and write, then poof it came out.”


Massie started writing and creating music at the young age of 10. “I would just sit in the back of the class and write what was in my heart,” says Massie. The ability to understand emotions and putting them on paper is an incredibly special quality to have at such a young age. While growing up she was drawn to music and one day she got a call from family friends asking if she would be interested in being in a praise and worship band from her church; however, after a couple of years the band had different dreams. “Christian music is so hard and so more competitive than most people would think, but it really wasn’t for me.”  This was the turning point for Massie, she went all in and started following her dream.


Life is messy and beautiful but there are not enough artists talking about it. Massie creates music to connect people through real life experiences. She opens a dialogue about the things no one wants to talk about: struggle, heartbreak, anxiety, pressure, self-confidence, worth, excitement, well-being, comfort, recovery and even love.

Music has always been therapy for Massie, through her darkest hours and her most incredible life experiences. Massie hopes to make people FEEL something by capturing those real-life emotions and experiences in her music” says Massie.


“Monsters Under My Bed,” Massie’s hit single, is out now. If you are into discovering new music or new sounds, I plead with you to start here. I cannot say enough good things about her, or her music and I am proud to have been able to spend some time chatting with her about her art. You can find Massie on Instagram @MVSSIEOFFICAL or you can stream any of her amazing art wherever you consume your music.