A compelling state-of-the-art indie pop band with an eclectic New York City sound. Don’t Believe in Ghosts, led by singer/producer and writer Steven Nathan, rose from his home studio in 2017. The band is rounded out by Dan DelVecchio on Guitar, Alex Goumas on Bass, and Ken Yang on Drums. Don’t Believe in Ghosts is a fun, exciting, and energetic band that fires on all cylinders creating clever hooks and beautiful melodies that you cannot help but sing along to.

Don’t Believe in Ghosts new single “Put your Head Back” is out now and it is an epic song. It is a song that rings in your head and becomes the voice inside you that encourages you to be better and come back stronger. “Put Your Head Back” was mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons) who stated, “Love this band and this song! Incredibly talented group and one to watch.” Don’t Believe in Ghosts is a band you want to keep an eye on as they are truly the next big stars in the music industry. “This song is not really a party anthem although it’s a fun song, but it’s about overcoming those feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. We have all been through one hell of a year, it is about centering yourself and getting out there.” Says Singer Steven Nathan

We sort of knew at a certain point that the Covid-19 pandemic was not going to stop, and a lot of artists had to pivot to continue the dream. Lots of artists took this as time to regroup and come up with a game plan for once Covid-19 was “over” Steven Nathan explains how Covid personally affected him “Once everything shut down there was no game plan, there was no mindset it was shit. My brother passed away from Covid-19 and you honestly go from making a game plan to “What the fuck is going on? How do I survive this time in life? It was such a confusing time and as much as I’d like that time period to be a time for creativity it was not, and my brain was mush. However, coming out of it and learning to accept what was happening, ended up being the best time for creating as it brought Mark Needham in the fold as he helped produce the song”?

“This band has always been about seeing the light in the darkness. It’s always been about optimism, growth, and lifting people up. There were a few months there where I couldn’t even lift myself up anymore, it became very hard to focus. ‘Put Your Head Back’ is a defiant statement about no longer going down that path and re-aligning who you are and where you are going” says vocalist Steven Nathan when describing the motivation for the bands new single.

So why the name Don’t Believe in Ghosts? “Don’t give energy to the ghosts of your past.” Says Steven Nathan when describing the meaning behind the bands’ name. “Worrying about what other people may think can be draining and debilitating.” Don’t Believe In Ghosts amplifies this theme throughout their music. We recommend you follow Don’t Believe in Ghosts and check out the new single “Put your head back” wherever you consume or stream your music.



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