Welcome to the No Cover Platform Lydia Can’t Breathe, Lydia Can’t Breathe is an American rock band from Central Florida, formed in 2005 that consists of Kyle Bolduc (lead vocals, guitar), Dan Wilson (guitar), Shad Roundy (bass, background vocals) and Josh Runfeldt (drums). Lead singer Kyle, is known widely amongst Lydia fans for his unique views that are expressed outspokenly in his lyrics. Along with his inapprehensible behavior while performing, together their styles combined make up the sound of Lydia Can’t Breathe.


“Lydia Can’t Breathe has been together for 16 years and at first we really weren’t all that serious, even though we really thought we were. We picked up Shad and Josh and we call this the winner lineup lol.” says lead singer Kyle 

Hard rock metal quartet LYDIA CAN’T BREATHE released their brand new single titled “SHEEP” to all digital outlets. The single is a fresh take on the band’s trademark sound with melodic guitars and dark tendencies. It showcases their ear candy intros, face melting guitar riffs, while still clinging to their heavy transitions and breakdowns.

“Sheep is an energetic guitar driven heavy piece with catchy clean vocal choruses. The verses are harder spoken parts with a heavy breakdown. The contrasting parts show the different styles and variation of the band’s sound. The song follows the theme of thinking on your own and being yourself regardless of how society tries to shape you” says the band.


This single is one of the best singles I have heard in some time. I asked what makes this song so special? “We self produced this one and it was on our playlist for 6 months to a year before we brought this to our producers, and they really didn’t touch it,” replied Kyle” It’s a tough pill to swallow when you bring a song to someone and they don’t feel it, especially a producer. I mean they have the experience and especially our producers, they have so many years on us and they know what sounds good and what doesn’t. It’s a big win when your work is validated.” Kyle says.


With three albums under their belt this band was made on hard work and prides themselves on the grind. They enter the business humble and with the realization they are responsible for their dream. “The hardest part about being in a band is time, and the amount of time you put into the project. You don’t choose how much talent you have, or how good you are at something but it is your choice how much hustle you put in. You have to put in the work, if you’re tired today or sick, or have a headache if you aren’t going to do something big for the team everyday you will lose the battle you are playing, because there is a guy who’s waking up at 3 am grinding no matter what the circumstances are. When you first enter a project growing up, you might have a couple hours to kill on a Sunday so you write a couple of songs or draw a piece for the album. You can’t win with that attitude, you have to put in your 40 hours a week and treat this like a job, this isn’t a lottery.” say Lead singer Kyle Bolduc 


Lydia Can’t Breathe checks all the boxes when it comes to amazing bands. From clever heavy hitting lyrics, to their heavy and calm instrumentation. Lydia Can’t Breathe is a special band and we can’t say enough great things about them. Go check out the New Single “Sheep” out now.

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