Denm, a multi talented singer, songwriter and producer, is a good man with a kind heart, a unique individual who has gone through the wringer to be where he is today. Growing up around addiction and having that handed down to you at such a young age with a rough childhood can either kill you or save you. Denm is a man who has had life hit him hard by the time he was 13-14 years old and has struggled with his own demons. His dad was an artist and has memories of seeing him in his element, painting and knocking back a few with the music blaring. Music growing up for Denm was a safe space and sanctuary where he could leave the chaos of actuality for a moment. Today, we have the man who gives no fucks and tries not to impress anyone, just unapologetically himself in every possible way and is intentional about everything he puts into his work, nothing half-assed. He knows what he wants when envisioning his desires for the journey and the outcome and goes and gets it.


His recently released debut album, “Slum Beach Denny” which was in the making since 2017. He put in the hard work as well as the long hours to achieve what he wanted the music to be. His intention for this project was to release a well-planned, together and relatable album, to have potential listeners really enjoy great, fun, positive, grounding and inspiring West Coast, Southern California music. Listening to an album where you feel each song is a hit as you listen and have a great time, we ask the question, “how did you decide what songs would inevitably make it on the album?” He explains beginning the process of “Slum Beach Denny” just a few years ago and wanting it to essentially be a coming-of-age collection of songs with the analogy of being in high school where you are giving four years of your life, expanding and progressing.


“It feels like these songs that I started was like freshman year and then they just kept growing and maturing and taking different shapes and sounds. All these songs were able to, I think, go through the process of getting better because they just had to. I wasn’t going to put out something mediocre again, so we’ve done it.”


A favorite track on the album,“Califas,” is a one-of-a-kind song, according to Denm, and it blends a lot of his childhood into a song like the punk scene, the surf scene, the skate scene and from getting kicked out of his place in San Diego and ending up in Santa Barbara. It is a culture clash in one song, so if someone living in New York hears it they can capture how unique and distinctive the sound is when they’re taking it in.


Be sure to check out Denm’s debut album “Slum Beach Denny” as well as the music video for the song “Califas’ ‘ featuring Jared Watson of Dirty Heads on YouTube! As always, we thank our viewers and listeners for the love and support.


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