In the cancel culture environment, we now live it, although it is hard to imagine the real roots of Rock n Roll making a comeback. Rock n Roll was always an anti establishment way of life, but if anyone in our modern life were to stand up against social norms it is hard to believe they would not be canceled by a mob of people with blue check marks. Could you imagine artists like GG Allin, Elvis, or Marylin Manson in today’s environment pushing the limits of today’s social norms or questioning society? The fear of being canceled is real and if you say anything that questions norms it is over before you have a chance to explain your stance, the one part of life that suffers due to this phenomenon is art. Art is important to humans as a part of expression and now before anything is put out you must ask yourself will anyone be offended? I would like to introduce the future and I have to tell you the future is now, and his name is Jeris Johnson.


For Jeris Johnson, music is quite literally in his blood. Jeris’ parents are both musical, his dad a drummer and his mom a singer, who met while playing in bands. Jeris grew up surrounded by music, and his parents’ unwavering support of his musical aspirations bred a lasting love and passion for music. Music was always second nature, and Jeris began playing the piano and the drums at the early age of two. At the age of 13, Jeris began rock band camps where he was able to hone his skills as a vocalist and drummer. It was through this experience that he met his future bandmates and decided music was what he was going to do for the rest of his life. Jeris spent his high school years in his metal band, Audiophobia as a vocalist and drummer. Once the band went their separate ways, Jeris was ready to pave his own musical path.  At a mere 21 years old, Jeris began traveling back and forth to LA to perfect his sound. In 2020, Jeris released his single, “Sticks and Stones”, followed by his most recent single “Damn!”, which has already accumulated over 10M streams on Spotify and nearing 5M views on YouTube.  


Jeris Johnson has an unmatched energy to go with his catchy lyrics and banging music. Jeris has a goal, and it is to save Rock and Roll and, in a time where the music landscape is dominated by Hip-hop, and Pop Jeris is making Rock cool again. “I grew up listening to Rock and Metal, my parents were in bands, and I was introduced to the genre from a young age. I grew up listening to this genre and I grew up falling in love with this genre. When I was growing up Rock was hot, and Rock was on the radio, and it was big. Throughout the 00’s rock started fading from the mainstream consciousness and started becoming “Irrelevant” to young people especially and it’s so strange because throughout history Rock has been notoriously young people’s music and the soundtrack for the rebels. So, my vision for Rock is to make it dangerous again, make it fun again, make it feel futuristic make it new and young and come with that FUCK YOU energy that it lost. I do not want Rock to be safe anymore. As I was discovering my own sound my heart yearned for Rock and I decided I am gonna make this shit work, I am gonna make Rock bump again.” says Jeris.


Today, Jeris Johnson debuts his new single “One Night” alongside a ‘NSFW’ visual.  The entrancing video begins with Jeris explaining the need to ‘bring the music video to his house’.  In the following frames, viewers are quickly thrown into a celebration; filled with everything we have been yearning for this past year – friends, intimacy, and a Project X level party.  Backed by Jeris’ killer vocals and undeniable energy, “One Night ” takes viewers into the rager of their lives. 


Jeris is a breath of fresh air in today’s environment of what seems like a control C, control V type of music environment and the task of making Rock and Roll cool again is a huge task for anyone. Jeris is nothing short of amazing and if anyone can do it, it’s Jeris Johnson. I invite you to check out Jeris Johnson’s new album My Sword which is available now wherever you consume music. Join the revolution! 


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