Delayed on a flight to Atlanta, Leonard Cerzosie (Lenny) of new and upcoming band Lenne, he and fellow partners of the project had been brainstorming back and forth on potential ideas for their first single “Letting You Down.” When finally meeting up and entering the studio, their song had been near ready to begin its creation. It had given them a chance to really dig deep with the rest of the band and get inside each other’s heads on a personal level, to really give the single some life and emotion. “Letting You Down” had been a work in progress for a couple years but have put their faith and trust in one another to make it what it is today.

Having experiences with artists who may write incredibly vague songs to try and leave the meanings of their lyrics either personal or up to the audience to interpret, Lenne, in their own right, really does not hold their punches, and vulnerably wears their heart on their sleeves as far as writing and getting the message out. While working with more seasoned musicians and songwriters, playing major chords over minor lyrics was not going to happen, their partner to the project, Morgan, objected and stated, “we’re going for the throat on this one.” For this single and project as a whole, putting it out there with no gimmicks, raw words and from the heart feelings and being as real as possible, for this is the ultimate way to connect with people and not being something to just hear or listen to, but to actually feel and relate to.

The band seemed to have formed out of true inspiration from respected musicians that Jim and Lenny have met along the way. Ones they have met who have become lifelong friends, partners and even, essentially, teachers. 

“You meet these guys that do it in their sleep, it’s wild and Corey’s a good guy, he has a lot of wise words, working with him. He’s not one of those guys who just hits record. He was one to say, “hey man get two days of rest, hydrate, don’t do any drugs, don’t drink for two days, I need you to be on point.” Now, I really didn’t listen to that, but he meant well.”

NC: From the outside looking in it seems that music is your comfort, and it also seems that some of your projects are formed after tragedy. Have you ever received counseling or is music and collaborating how you deal with issues that you might encounter in life?

L: Jimmy and I call each other pretty regularly for a little anxiety attack type of issues. Yeah, music is our therapy, but have I been to therapy recently? No. Should I? Maybe, I don’t know. I have such a strong community of friends and it’s easy to share music and all that kind of stuff, but honestly we made friends literally across the world through the music, that’s the therapy that we need.” 

With the first single out, Lenne is ready to put out new songs over the next couple months and are also hoping to be able to play some live shows, but more than anything they want to get their music out into the world. Go take a peek at the music video for “Letting You Down” on their personal YouTube channel along with the live interview with Leonard Cerzosie and Jim Taylor on the No Cover YouTube channel. We will see you there.