Introducing Ohio born and Los Angeles based pop singer/songwriter Jenny March. She has just released her debut EP, Madness. The collection offers listeners an abundance of unmatched energy through high octane pop bops which fuse 80s and 90s production nostalgia with a modern flair that detail being unapologetically true to who you are and not caring about what people think. Once restrained by other’s opinions, the EP has allowed Jenny to fully embrace herself and gives listeners a peek into the “madness” taking place inside her head: the good, the bad and everywhere in between. 


This year was tough for everyone due to the quarantine and many artists took advantage of the down time that the quarantine brought especially Jenny March “As soon as I started working on the EP Madness the quarantine hit, then I was like what am I going to do? I knew I wanted to do this album especially since we had started, but we just had to work around the hurdles. I knew what lane I wanted to go down. It was just how we are going to be able to overcome the obstacles in the way.” says March.

Madness opens with “All In,” a track written about meeting someone and the instantaneous connection that forms between you and a ride or die love and the power that comes with it, making you feel like you can conquer any obstacle because you have each other. Also on the EP, is the lead single, “November Nights, which was inspired by a past relationship. The moody track touches upon how you can love someone so deeply, even knowing you probably shouldn’t be with this person, and yet you are still somehow addicted to making it work, longing for their love and validation.

“I love “Pay Up” and I love “Boys think we are crazy” I literally love them all but for different reasons. “Pay up” holds a special place in my heart because it’s my other personality and “Boys think we are Crazy” because that song I have been wanting to write for the longest time and it was me coming to terms with the stuff I have been dealing with, but then I love “Scream” too because it brings that 80s dance vibe” says March.

Jenny March is a refreshing face on the music scene, she is fun, beautiful, and has an amazing outlook on the world. Her songs are very thoughtful and creative, she is the type of artist that holds no punches and belts out the emotions she collects through her experiences. She has this energy about her that draws people in, and her talent backs it up. Jenny Marches Album “Madness” brings a more mature version of her sound, and her song “Pay up” lets you know she is here to stay. It has a lot of attitude and it is really a sexy empowering song not only for her but for the consumer. I highly suggest you download or stream the EP “Madness” wherever you stream your music. Remember in a few years where you heard her first, because this beautiful Gemini that is full of soul ain’t going away anytime soon.

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