This album is a piece of my heart. 

Platinum-selling singer, songwriter, musician, and producer David Shaw has released his new debut self-titled solo album, David Shaw via his own imprint Yokoko Records in partnership with C3 Records.  David Shaw is best known as The Revivalists front man and is an Ohio born artist, who now calls New Orleans home. “I had just graduated college and I told myself I have to follow my dream with this music thing, I was thinking of places to live to be able to make this happen. I was thinking New York, or Nashville, and New Orleans wasn’t really even on my radar at the time and a friend of my girlfriend needed a roommate and I went to look at the place and fell in love.” recalls Shaw “I didn’t even realize how rich of a sound New Orleans has, I got a job at the Gas co. and started doing gigs and here we are.” Says Shaw. Shaw has done it all when it comes to a career bucket list including The Revivalists song “I wish I knew You” being streamed over a half a billion times worldwide, Opening for the legendary Rolling Stones, and being asked to perform on every major television talk show, however there is one thing that has been on the list but hasn’t had the time to execute and that’s a solo album. 

The Revivalists front man and enigmatic talent follows the direction of his own internal compass as a solo artist, riling up his raw rock ‘n’ roll impulses as he opens up like never before as a lyricist, poet, and storyteller. Fusing classic guitar licks with an infectious riff, the stirring “Heavy Soul” is about fighting for what you feel is right, while piano ballad “Shivers” is a tender reminder that love can save us from the chaos around us. Rollicking lead single “Shaken” is an anthem about embracing your fears and insecurities and rising above them, that quickly climbed Triple A Radio, and the soaring statement “Promised Land” addresses systemic injustice and inequality. 

This album is awe-inspiring, and it truly is Shaw’s heart in the form of art. Every song is a song you can get into and creates a vibe that allows you to be in your head and heart and will have you mesmerized as his storytelling is out of this world and makes you feel like a fly on the wall in his life or forces you to deal with the thoughts and feelings you have about your life. His voice is magical, and the melodies cradle you as it creates a safe space for you to escape the world. 

“On many levels it feels like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders and a great metamorphosis has taken place,” Shaw shares about his debut solo album. “The whole process was a bit like wandering around in a forest during those special twilight hours with the sense that something good is just beyond the horizon. I’m just elated that the ride to get there was just as satisfying as the place itself. I’m excited for all of my beloved fans to get a further glimpse into who I am as an artist but most importantly who I am as a person. They’ve always been a part of me, and I want them to know that this album is a part of them too.”


On “Got Me Feeling Good,” (The Latest single) he adds, “It’s a feel-good party tune, plain and simple. It’s such a heavy time in our world and I think people don’t always have the bandwidth right now for heavy. I know I don’t. Put something on that makes me feel good. That’s what I want, and that’s what I was going for with this song.”

Revivalists’ fans and even music fans including myself want to know what is the biggest difference between working together with your band mates and working on a solo project. “The biggest difference between this album and a Revivalists album as far as message is nothing, this album is a piece of my heart given to whoever would want it, but as far as the process it was all on me. I am not an authoritarian type of man so it’s very difficult for me, I am a very collaborative type of person and I believe I am at my best when I am collaborative. So, at the end of the day, I had to make all these decisions and it was different.” says Shaw.


Shaw has also announced a collection of NFT offerings via Fanaply to coincide with the album’s release. Among the limited-edition items are the album cover art designed by Mike Tallman of Add Noise Studios as well as three tiers (standard, silver, gold) of custom tarot card art for each song on the album by artist Priscilla Frank. All items were animated by Andrew Carey and initial purchase of each token will include a physical copy of the David Shaw album on vinyl. Tokens are available now 

David Shaw is an outstanding artist and stands out as such as he weaves his way through his musical journey. His voice and his music live in me and I know if we had to create a soundtrack to my life his voice would be represented on that soundtrack. Not only is David an amazing human but his outreach to communities and charities are something you do not really see done with as much conviction as David does, and artists that use their voice to give others a voice is nothing short of beautiful and amazing. My favorite track on this album David Shaw is “Heavy Soul” it’s a song you can feel in your soul, David mentioned “This album is a part of my heart” and in this song I feel his heart. I hope this album finds people the way it found me and leaves it the way it left me.   David Shaw is available now to pre-order on CD and vinyl at David’s webstore; album and merch bundles are also available and stream David Shaw wherever you stream and consume your music




David Shaw Track Listing

  1. Promised Land
  2. Shaken
  3. Got Me Feeling Good
  4. Heavy Soul
  5. Shivers
  6. Something To This Feeling
  7. I’ll Be Your Man
  8. So Far Gone
  9. I Can Hear You (Calling On Me)
  10. Bad Side Of You
  11. Disrepair
  12. The Place
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