High Plains Drifters, in good faith, a reference to Dirty Harry reference and reminder that this group of old souls with a passion for the obsolete, classic and obscure are not exactly the 20 year odd old people playing pop music. Their first album that debuted  2 years ago, was more diverse in genres, in which each of the songs has a unique makeup. One of the songs in particular being pop punk along with a couple of rock ballads, Americana style and even some up-tempo. Towards the end of that first album’s creation, Larry Studnicky (lead vocals/lyricist) wanted the initial song that came up to go towards an 80s pop feel, but unfortunately did not make the cut due to production issues. That song will be out along with new single “Since You’ve Been Gone” and 5 others on their EP that is being released in the Fall. 


While nearly going stir crazy during the covid lockdowns, the workings of the 2nd album commenced. They had agreed to not make this one as diverse as the 1st  and focus more on going into that direction they had wanted to go previously and felt that the 80s was the best approach, especially for individuals who had experienced prominent heartache and lessons during that time in their lives. “I met all my girlfriends in the 80s, I got dumped by everyone in the 80s, I have a million experiences from the 80s to write about,” recalls Larry. 


The new single “Since You’ve Been Gone” is a beautifully curated song you can easily get lost in, while reminiscing on your own personal experiences of heartbreak.  With the lyric “when I kissed a girl, that’s when I realized I love you” Larry tells of his time with the one who got away and how this song is based on the girl he thought would be the one and only. 


“This song grew out of an actual breakup between me and a girl, that back in the 80s, I thought would be my one and only and it just didn’t work out that way. Years later she came to visit me in Manhattan, I was married, she was married and she visited me at the office and one of her last parting lines before the split from the office, I was in the lobby and one of my buddies was there. He goes “I can’t believe this guy was so stupid as to ever let a girl like you go” and her line was something like “yeah, well he let me go and then he basically kissed every girl north of the statue of liberty and south of Harlem.” What he wanted to convey to her was that none of those other girls were her and that he was looking for her in those other girls and that song definitely hits the nail on that. 


High Plains Drifters is the type of  music you drive on the freeway at night with all the windows down in the car with a cigarette in the air not saying anything to your passenger. Only the quite of your thoughts, the music, and the wind in your air. The Album is out now and it was one of the albums I myself have been waiting to hear, as you don’t know what musical gifts High Plains Drifters have to offer the world. As every song has its own offering, Since you’ve been gone brings you back to the 80s and Jennifer Aniston is a hybrid modern synth style with a Depeche Mode feel.  These guys really know how to set a mood and I highly suggest you check this album out wherever you stream your music. 


Songs of Love and Loss – Track List:

  • The One That Got Away
  • Since You’ve Been Gone
  • Ruby Run Away With Me
  • Nuclear Winter
  • Jennifer Aniston (Why Are You Single?)
  • He Reminds Me Of You