ePlay Digital Inc. is partnering with the amazing  Chris Clemence, the American artist, to create an exclusive line of digital and physical sneakers for mobile games, NFT marketplaces, and the upcoming Klocked app. Clemence is a musician, artist, and in-demand tattoo artist that travels between L.A., New York, and Las Vegas in attempts to satisfy demand for his work. Clemence is also the owner and creator of Tattshoos, the tattoo style footwear brand he launched in 2020.

With the ever so growing world we live in we are seeing change from every aspect of life from our financial system with Crypto Currency to the way we game with artificial worlds. Now the world is about to change again with NFT’s and the way we collect. I know a lot of our readers are asking what is an NFT? An NFT is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, which can be sold and traded. The NFT can be associated with a particular digital or physical asset (such as a file or a physical object) and a license to use the asset for a specified purpose. NFTs (and the associated license to use, copy or display the underlying asset) can be traded and sold on digital markets.

NFTs function like cryptographic tokens, but, unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, NFTs are not mutually interchangeable, so not fungible. While all bitcoins are equal, each NFT may represent a different underlying asset and thus have a different value NFTs are created when blockchains string records of cryptographic hash, a set of characters identifying a set of data, onto previous records therefore creating a chain of identifiable data blocks.This cryptographic transaction process ensures the authentication of each digital file by providing a digital signature that is used to track NFT ownership. However, data links that point to details like where the art is stored can die.

There is a saying “Jack of all trades and master of none” and then there is Chris Clemence who is a Jack of all trades and masters every goddamn one of them. Chris Clemence is an exceptional artist, at anything he does mind you. Chris has made hit songs for sports teams, he’s made hits for video games, and is one of the most sought after tattoo artists in North America. Chris is looking at the landscape and making his next move. It’s gotta open the eyes of lots of artists and have them asking what’s my next move? 

“I feel so privileged to have had my music fill stadiums as an anthem for NHL, NBA, and NFL teams,” says artist Chris Clemence. “ePlay’s apps and games give me a platform to push limits of art, design, utility, and NFTs in virtual worlds and gaming.”

The partnership between ePlay and Clemence connects the two multi-billion dollar industries of sports apparel and virtual goods where revolutionary design meets digital commerce and physical apparel unlocks digital utility. The collaboration further develops ePlay’s franchises, creating blockbusters through e-commerce and interactivity. Sports apparel interoperability with programmable media and in-game utility is uniquely possible with ePlay’s mobile sports, entertainment, and eSports NFT platform.