I have always known music is what I want to do


Ally Baron is a breathtaking woman who can do it all, from acting, to songwriting, and especially singing. With the voice of an angel and creativity to match, it’s hard to believe she isn’t the future of music.  Ally Baron carries herself with a load of confidence and radiates this beautiful energy that just draws people in. She’s a woman you want your daughter to look at and aspire to be like, with every song she composes she has a message for women of all ages in them. “I want to reach everybody with my music and be a role model for girls of all ages,” she says. “We’re all growing up and going through these issues of boys, being your own woman, and different stages of life. I want to be there for those girls, if they need someone to talk to.”


Ally Baron  has released her dreamy new single “T-Shirt,” the second single off her debut EP Sincerely, AB. As dreamy keys glisten across luscious soundscapes, Ally recounts a guy who left his T-shirt in her room and would always tell her he needed to drop by to get it back. She quickly realizes he didn’t need it at all and that his T-shirt was the obstacle stopping her from moving on. 


“I wrote the song T-Shirt as a reminder to let go of toxicity in our life, whether that’s people or things. Sometimes we cope by holding on to the past, even when all it does is remind us of dark memories.I’ve come to learn that the best way to make room for the good is to let go of the bad,” shared Ally. “This song was in the making for a long time. It took a few attempts to get the production and melody perfect, but I’m so happy with how it turned out. This song is definitely my favorite from my EP, so I hope you all love it as much as I enjoyed creating it.”


After independently gathering 20 million streams and 4 million YouTube views, Ally Barron now says everything she always wanted to say in her songs. During high school, she began to post covers of pop songs and attract an audience. By senior year, she landed a lead role on the AwesomenessTV show Malibu Surf. Playing a character of the same name, she recorded a handful of tracks for the series. In the midst of the Global Pandemic, Malibu Surf closed production, allowing her time to focus on her true passion: music. 


Ally Barron creates songs with lessons I want to teach my daughter with a modern woman’s take on dating, teaching young women to empower themselves and building up other women rather than tear them down. Her lessons are real and are topics that are not discussed on a big stage, sometimes women’s vision of dating is immediately jumping to a Disney like ending and she lets her listeners know sometimes that isn’t the case and it’s ok for relationships to fail, but it’s not ok not to give up. Guys are assholes and women don’t need to carry the weight of thinking it’s always them. “I was in three long term relationships and now I am finally single and working on myself, but I keep positive and don’t fall down the depression rabbit hole by surrounding myself with good people. I know my support system is very important and I don’t take them for granted. I also focus on myself and my mental health and the things that are important to me.” Ally Barron’s new single is out now wherever you stream your music and I have to admit a piece of me is expecting Ally to be the next female mega star sitting next to Beyonce and Lady Gaga. The future is now


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