I grew up having the need to discover something new at all times, not ever just enjoying the now, however my ears would perk up  if a local band is getting a lot of mainstream love. I remember going through a divorce in 2004 and my friends took me to the UCSB campus for a party and there they were Rebelution playing and as many fine ass ladies were there at that party none of them turned my head quite like this band. Ever since that night I have been hooked and they had me as a fan, and watching their success throughout time has been a privilege and honor. June 18th 2021 marks the release date of Rebelution’s latest masterpiece, “In the Moment”. 

“We all worked together with Kyle to bring our individual visions to life,” said Rachmany. “We wanted to make this the most diverse sounding record we could.” That sonic diversity also gets a boost from the album’s all-star cast of special guests, which includes Jamaican artists Kabaka Pyramid, Keznamdi, and dancehall star Busy Signal, as well as American soul singer Durand Jones. Ultimately, though, the record is pure Rebelution, a powerhouse collection of songs that challenges our perceptions and pushes us to live each day to the fullest; inviting fans to sit back, slow down, and live In The Moment.


Founded in Isla Vista, CA, the members of Rebelution (Eric Rachmany, Rory Carey, Wesley Finley and Marley D. Williams), have followed their instincts to remarkable success since the release of their breakout 2007 debut, Courage To Grow. In 2009, the band topped the Billboard Reggae Chart for the first of what would be five consecutive #1 records; in 2014, they boasted the highest-selling reggae release of the year; and in 2017, they garnered a GRAMMY nomination for Best Reggae Album. Relix hailed the group as “a leading voice in their scene,” while Billboard raved that the band “weaves hypnotic threads of alt-rock and pop, retro-funk, blues, dub, [and] even traditional Middle Eastern strains into their bubbling, one-drop reggae groove.” Rebelution’s transcendent live performances, meanwhile, have taken on legendary status, earning the group sell-out headline shows everywhere from Red Rocks to The Greek Theatre along with festival slots at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, ACL, Glastonbury and even their own festival in Jamaica. By the time the COVID-19 pandemic brought things to a screeching halt, the band had been grinding it out on the road for more than a decade-and-a-half.


“In the Moment” marks the 7th studio album released by the band since 2004 and in a weird way it has easily become my favorite album as a fan, maybe because I am the same age as the guys and the life experience is reminiscent of my life. Maybe it’s really familiar because it is so real, real life and real thoughts. Or maybe I am just in a different stage in my life where I am soft and want to identify with a band I love so much. Whatever it is, Rebelution’s new album “In the Moment” is straight fire. “In the Moment” is an amazing mixing of older reggae and modern reggae, adding pop hooks, alt-rock grit, and hip-hop grooves. This album has it all including an amazing Alternative track, “To be Young”. “To be Young” is a track that takes you out of the mindset you have been traveling down and slaps you a couple of times to let you know Time is real, and gently reminds you that you won’t live forever. Prior to this time in my life I was in my 20’s with no cares in the world thinking hey I can live forever and nothing can hurt me. 


“To be Younger” definitely means the most to me of all the songs on  this album, its kind of a sorrowful song. It’s the recognition that time has passed, and there have been times in the past I haven’t lived completely in the moment and this is such a great reminder through song to always be present and also fully appreciative of the past. This is a “where did the time go “song, as life has just slipped me by so fast and I think a lot of people can relate to that.”says Eric Rachmany Writing this song and especially writing this album and looking at everything going on in my life has really made me look at time differently than I had in the past.


Rebelution has been the staple in California Reggae for almost two decades and the creativity from their music is very inspiring even for a non musician like me. I feel I have grown up with Eric Rachmany on his journey of being human, and the way he interprets the world is very similar to the way I interpret the world and talking to him I have confirmed that. Rebelution’s new album “In the Moment” is a rare piece of art, in the sense that a lot of bands fall off this far into the game and get addicted to the money and spend less time embracing the art. I am here to tell you that is not the case with this album as Rebelution has proven they are like fine wine they only get better with time. All of us here at No Cover would love to encourage all who love the band Rebelution to go out and buy this album, forget streaming it just buy a real physical copy because to me in my mind it is just that damn good. 


In The Moment Track Listing:

  1. Satisfied
  2. Old School Feeling
  3. Heavy As Lead
  4. To Be Younger
  5. Initials
  6. 2020 Vision (feat Kabaka Pyramid)
  7. All or Nothing (feat Busy Signal)
  8. You And I
  9. Adapt, Survive
  10. Future Depends
  11. That Zone (feat Durand Jones)
  12. Simply Captivating
  13. Places Unknown (feat Keznamdi)
  14. What Life Is
  15. To Be Younger (Acoustic)