Introducing the Fast-rising hip hop artist Rarin. Rarin is a 18 year old artist that hails from New York City that has tremendous talent. Rarin started making video edits for Youtube of games in the 9th grade but quickly determined that would get in the way of his studies by the time it came to his sophomore year of high school. 


“My friends and I just sat around and busted a cypher, all joking at first mostly cause I had nothing to do. So the boys and I would hang out and bust a freestyle all in good fun and towards the spring I remembered I had Logic Pro and a microphone and wanted to see how I would sound if I recorded myself. Once I saw the potential of what this could be I started to take this all a lot more seriously, however at first I didn’t want to take it seriously because of the whole Soundcloud rapper stereotype. Then the 2020 summer happened and we were in lockdown at our school, so I just grinded and learned all I could about making music and rapping and really honing in on my sound and what I want to sound like.” 


Rarin has a special sound that seamlessly blends strong Hip-Hop beats with pop elements that creates a truly amazing and special sound. Rarin’s journey took a hard turn for the good as Youtube Channel “Promoting Sounds” (Which has over 2 million subscribers) took interest in one of Rarin’s songs “GTA” this is what it took to expose his music to more people and his career has never been the same. Now his SoundCloud sees over a million plays a month and is slowly becoming a household name.


“When I first started doing music it was all sad stuff, I just felt that’s what the masses wanted. I didn’t realize it at first but my music was a direct reflection of my mood and my emotions, I used to think I was writing about just what I wanted to write about or because it sounds cool. I wanted this album to summarize myself. I wanted the people who support me and my fans to know who they were supporting, and this is what “Toxic Ends” is all about.”



Rarin has released his new, hard-hitting single “Toxic Ends” and has officially revealed the details for his debut mixtape, Toxic Ends, out Now . “Toxic Ends” which imagines what life would be if we let go of the negative thoughts that hold us back and stop us from being true to who we are.


 “I think we’re all destined for something greater than our expectations,” Rarin continues on his upcoming mixtape. “We just have to let go of what’s holding us back. This project is mainly about letting go of our ‘toxic ends.’ People are tempted to commit themselves to things they cannot obtain, especially in relationships, leading their emotions to consume them. Just because you want something, doesn’t mean you need it.”


Rarin is a great kid, with a great head on his shoulders, and has an ear and talent for music and marketing. With the work ethic of the late great Kobe Bryant people are gonna hear him or he’ll die trying. We here at No Cover Magazine want to suggest you go out and grab Rarin’s latest mixtape “Toxic Ends” wherever you consume your music.