Krizz Kaliko is one of the greatest musical minds we have on earth, Krizz Kaliko is coming off of a phenomenal ride with Strange Music and is headed for the stratosphere with his very own new label Ear House Inc. The Kansas City Missouri native has spent over 20 years creating bangers for others and now has put his focus on his own work.


I resigned back in 2019 and at that time in my life I felt it was the thing to do but then you fast forward to 2020. The year that made us all stand still and without warning there weren’t any more shows and without shows, I barely had income. As a father and as a provider its a hard pill to swallow and this situation made me pivot. I never wanted to be in that position ever again. So I thought let’s make a label and that way I will never have to depend on anyone else for income and I am in control of my company and how much I work.  I would also own my masters and the company to pass to my kids.” says Krizz. Krizz Kaliko continues“After you have been working with anyone for the amount of time I did with Strange Music it’s tough leaving. Travis O’Guinn’s (Strange Music’s CEO) he understood and he is a business man and he knew the position I was in but with Tech N9ne it was a lot more difficult. He is family and to move on from the greatest duo’s on earth is tough. To separate the chemistry was more than just a business it was emotional and still is. He is one of the best friends I have ever had and I miss him still, however we talk everyday. It’s not goodbye, just goodbye for now.” says Krizz


Krizz Kaliko’s first single on his new label Ear House Inc. is called “Weight” where in his video he is stripped naked. As a human on modern earth I can attest to the uncomfortability of being overweight and ashamed, we live in a world where we are all judged off of our likes and social media. When we see a person’s highlight reel while scrolling through social media it makes us think twice about taking our shirt off, however my man Krizz Kaliko stripped down to the bare for the world to see in a sign of vulnerability, self-acceptance, and empowerment. 

I remember as a child being so nervous about going to the local pool, or going to a friends house to swim. Whether it was me wearing a shirt in the pool to hide myself from the people, or me sitting on the side of the pool with just my feet in all in the name of embarrassment. Krizz lets it all go, and gives a win to the bigger guys in this one

“When you see the word weight, when you hear the word weight, most people think heavy. The message that I want to send to the world is that weight doesn’t have to be heavy, it can be empowering. That is exactly what my single called WEIGHT did for me. For the first time since I was 13 years old, I faced the heavy burden of showing my body to the world. I did a video, stripped down to my bare skin, and finally exposed all of me to my fans. Once I did this, I felt the burden lift off my shoulders. I finally accepted myself. As a man, we don’t usually show ourselves being vulnerable. Everyone has something that weighs them down or that holds them back, we need to risk being seen” says Krizz Kaliko.He continues, “I’m a big guy with all this weight on me but I continue to fight every day to fulfill my purpose and to find self-acceptance. Besides weight physically, weight also means weight on our shoulders. Everyone has something they battle regarding their looks, but we must get up every day and have self-love. We all have something we are hiding behind, RISK BEING SEEN.”

Krizz Kaliko is one of the greatest minds of music that we have on earth, the way he constructs music and places it together are a thing of gods. A mixture of classic Blues with Hip-hop and a dash of RnB is how I can best describe Krizz’s music. There isn’t anything he can’t do, if it comes to music my man Krizz Kaliko will conquer it. Krizz Kalico’s single Weight is out now, and his new collab with Futuristic entitled “Feelin Good” just dropped mid-July. If you’re a music lover go watch a master at work, with the two latest singles sit back kick your feet up and enjoy. Krizz Kaliko’s “Weight” and “Feelin Good” are out now wherever you consume your music. 

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