I have interviewed many artists in my time and as I am sitting here in my office trying to come up with the words to use to express how special of a man/artist NoMBe is. NoMBe is a multi talented musician who uses every element of music known to man at his disposal, his smooth voice and catchy hooks gently cradle your mental state and somehow helps you make sense of life. From rock to alternative to pop he understands music and how to use it, this man is gifted. I feel he is someone I’ve known forever although I haven’t, and he treated me as such. As if we were two old long lost friends who have been waiting decades to chat. We spoke for over an hour and discussed it all and realized he’s a man looking for answers and a man that has a lot of the answers, NoMBe is wise beyond his years and his music speaks this truth for him.


The amazing NoMBe is a native of Heidelberg, Germany, NoMBe was born into a creative, multicultural family surrounded by art in a multitude of ways. Raised mostly by his grandmother as well as his godmother, R&B legend Chaka Khan, NoMBe was encouraged to pursue music early on and studied classical piano. Along with his formal training, he began experimenting with songwriting and production, sampling hip hop and electronic music, which led to his move to New York where he focused on contemporary production while playing in the subways at night. Over the last decade, NoMBe uprooted his life traveling around the country as he continued to broaden his musical knowledge and career before relocating to Hawaii.


The phenomenal Singer, songwriter, and producer NoMBe is hitting the ground running on his fantastic and highly anticipated sophomore album “Chromatopia”. Whoever came up with the phrase sophomore slump must have not known about NoMBe. “Chromatopia” The conceptual 14-track self-produced album lyrically details the internal dialogue of love — using elements of pop, electronic, soul, and rock — to explore its many different hues, providing a first-hand look into his kaleidoscopic world. 



 One song on this album that stands out is “This is not a love song” a song that’s music video portrays NoMBe in the afterlife and he expresses his sorrow for no longer being alive. It hits you dead in the face, all our young lives we search for somebody to love, someone who makes us complete. We choose partners and we change partners, and we dance to a song of heartbreak and hope. All the while wondering somewhere someone is out there perfect who might be searching for us. Then it ends and the world is left with what we have left behind.


“I love how this music video turned out for its simplicity,” shares NoMBe. “We shot in Hawaii during a really rainy period and luckily found a nice day to knock this one out. Originally we were trying to build a giant mirror out of those smaller pieces seen in the clip, but it was such an understanding we decided to make it more about the different angles and locations.”


One of the questions I asked NoMBe was what was his favorite piece of art on this album and although he didn’t name one song he definitely glowed when we spoke about “Water into Wine” an amazing song with a great video attached to it. “When I landed on the lyrics ‘baby, can you turn my water into wine,’ the concept was so interesting to me. This idea that you can cry so much that it basically becomes an ocean that you drown into and could you take this water and make it a celebration,” NoMBe shares. “The rest of the song is more a visual description of what it’s like to drown and it is fear of losing someone…it is very metaphorical.”

When I was a child I didn’t have anything. I lived in a house my father bought, and I slept in a bed my father owned. I didn’t have anything to call my own other than my heart and my fears. NoMBe creates a special vibe that no matter what you own in life you can have a vibe that he sets, a song or an album that you can get lost in. I remember albums I would vibe out to in my room with the door shut, trying to make sense of the world at a young age. This would have been an album I would have vibed out to, NoMBe’s vibe is real and lit.


NoMBe is an amazing human and even better musician, and speaking to him made me realize we as humans are afraid to give it our all because of fear and it makes us lose a little piece of ourselves When you’re growing up you are a little bit of everything artist, scientist, athlete, song writer, scholar, and sometimes it seems like growing up is a process of giving those things up one by one. I guess we all have one thing we regret giving up, one thing we really miss. That one thing we gave up because we were too lazy or we couldn’t stick it out or because we were too afraid. NoMBe makes you think and he creates a safe place to think and be yourself. I highly encourage all our No Cover readers to check out the newest album by NoMBe Chromatopia it is available wherever you consume your music.



                                                    CHROMATOPIA Track Listing:

  1. Chromatopia A
  2. Something to Hold On To
  3. Heels
  4. Prototype
  5. Weirdo
  6. Chromatopia B
  7. Boys Don’t Cry
  8. To the Moon
  9. This is Not A Love Song
  10. Paint California
  11. Chromatopia C
  12. Water Into Wine
  13. Thinkin Bout You
  14. Happy Birthday Frank!