The Rumours are a rock band based out of Waterloo, IA. Introducing Carli Foxx- Lead Vocals/Guitar, Ela Rose- Backing Vocals/Bass, Daniel Kluiter- Backing Vocals/Drums the hottest three piece you’ll ever see. They started out as a straight up rock n roll band, but who doesn’t like flirting with punk? Either way you like it, here they are. HOOKS, LOOKS & LOUD GUITARS. The Rumours are full of energy and life, and Carli Foxx on lead vocals is the secret weapon to their powers. Carli is beyond what one can ask for in a singer, her voice is amazing. Imagine if Brody Dalle of the Distillers had a child with Monique Powell of the band Save Ferris had a child, well that child’s name would be Carli Foxx. 

Carli Foxx knew from the very start of life this was her goal, and with no other goals in sight she went for it. In highschool she got a band together to play the school talent show, however people grow and people go about their own journey. After Highschool the bug was still biting Carli, and her love for music had grown as well, so she reached out to a friend Ela Rose to play bass, and eventually met Daniel Kluiter who went on to play drums. “And we have been hitting it ever since,” says Carli Foxx. 

“Just like everyone else, we faced a year full of struggles. Between cancelling tours, growing into our new mold as a band, and generally trying to keep our heads above water, one would think that we would be swimming in inspiration! The truth is, we spent a lot of the year stuck at home binge watching Netflix, especially the show “Dexter”. So, that’s exactly where we finally found inspiration. 

The Rumours are celebrating the recent release of their new single “Want Ya” which was inspired by the best show of all shows Dexter. 

“It was just one of those things where we are just jamming, my bass player brought a line to the table and we felt it. The only way to explain it is “Song Vomiting” where it just came out of us and I can’t explain it or describe it any other way. I mean the song was written without the lyrics in minutes, but I just didn’t know what to write about. In those times I always ask myself what are you the most passionate about, what do you love the most. I wrote 3 things down, and one of those three things was the television show Dexter. I was literally having dreams about Michael C Hall, I knew I just had to write a song about the show. The song is literally my obsession with the killer and at the end of the music video I myself turn out to be the killer.”

The Rumours are that special band you have been looking for, especially if you’re a music discoverer like myself. The Rumours are fun and exciting, and won’t ever get old no matter how many times you listen to them. The Rumours are a band with tons of energy that leave it all on the stage, and we hear at No Cover Magazine want to invite you to check out their work or youll be next on Carli Foxx’s Table. (insert evil emoji)