Coming out of one of the most troubling years, AD 2020 has a unique perspective during the first year of the pandemic. Their single, “Undivided” on debut album “Lockdown Diaries” reminds us of the time we are currently living in that sounds like it belongs in history books or a story your grandchildren ask you to recite every so often. This single was anticipated to drop in Summer 2020, however for reasons so evident, it was released back in early January of 2021. As we still embark on this hasty journey through the pandemic, Undivided’s intentions still holds up, as it is a tune to inspire hope. 


The band was created mainly by Todd Thanhauser and Mark McNelley who have been a team in past projects. Their initial idea for the album was to create something positive and to help people and inspire in any way, so they had wanted to find the most creative individuals they knew to make that a reality. In conversation with Dan Reed of Dan Reed Network, whom Todd had known personally and had been a fan of his music, for a while, Todd had mentioned starting a new project with some musicians who have been home from tours. He went on to tell his ideas for potential musical partners in the project such as Greg Smith and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal to bring the music to life on guitar and bass. During the creative process, putting an album together with everyone in different parts of the state and one guy out of country in Prague proved rather challenging as tracks were sent back and forth by piece, but also worth the work and effort to get the ball rolling. Work on the album was heavily remote, but successfully paid off with a great team.


No Cover: The video for “Ricochet” is fantastic with the western inspiration. Take us through that music video and was that put together.


Todd: “I’m a visual guy, so when I listen to music I have a story going on, whether I’m listening or creating. The song was Mark’s, it was something he had written years ago and actually demoed a little bit. When this project was coming together, he pulled it out of his archives and presented it to us. When I heard that song, I was blown away. As I was composing my drum parts, I played a lot of what was on the demos, but also added some of my own flavor to it. One of the things that I came up with were these little symbol punctuations that kind of sound like bullets hitting metal. I did that, deliberately, because in my mind when I was working on my stuff, to me, it had southwest feel. I was constantly thinking, how can we get to Arizona, how can we get out west somewhere, but ended up coming up with a couple different production crews and videos until we settled on the final one for Ricochet.

Head over to YouTube to experience the music videos for Undivided as well as Ricochet and share with many others to create more of that energy these songs were created to do. You can also go on over to the No Cover YouTube channel to check out the full interview. Catch the rest of the album on all musical platforms.