American Hard Rock band Artifas was formed in 2011 in Jackson, TN by lead guitarist Cody Criswell and lead vocalist Scottie Somerville. In the months following, the two founders of the group would immediately recruit an assortment of hometown musicians and begin looking to record their debut EP. After having a long and ugly encounter that resulted in the theft of all the bands funds and receiving no album in return, the original incarnation of the group would spend 2012-2013 doing several independent tours and writing music. After debuting with their EP Enemy Inside in 2013 and doing numerous regional/national tours in support of it, the band replaced former members with guitarist Mikey Miller, bassist Anthony Mattox, and drummer Jared Wainscott. American Rock Band Artifas has just released their new single “Cut Me Out”! Debuting single from their upcoming album entitled Reflections which is due out November 19, 2021. “We are stoked, we have literally been working on this album for the past four years at this point and everyone in the band feels very relieved to be able to share it with the world. We have also gotten a lot of great feedback on the album and its always a great thing when your hard work is appreciated by the fans and your loved ones.” NC: Tell me about the new single “Cut me Out”! “Cut Me Out is about cutting toxic people out of your life. Sometimes the most toxic people around you are the ones that are not so easily removed. At some point you have to stand up and say enough is enough, cut me out. The artwork for this record is all about reflection. Whether it’s someone in a dark place reflecting the poor decisions made, or whether someone is reflecting the beauty of the world in front of them” says the band. Once they got all these songs written they decided to do a five song EP and went up to Michigan to record, however once they were recording they knew they had some creative differences between the producer and them. After listening to the complete product it just wasn’t the sound they had their heart set on, it didn’t feel like them. So out of money and patience they scrapped the old record and decided to make the album themselves and make it a LP with ten tracks. “We ended up going to a barn just the band out in Arkansaw, nothing around but dirt roads, but we ended up going out there to do some writing and try and find the direction for this new album and we left and went on tour but we kept writing and writing. I couldn’t even begin to describe what “Cut me Out”! Sounded like four years ago, this whole process was a journey” says Scottie Somerville. Artifas is a special band that knows what they want and will stop at nothing to obtain the goal. We highly suggest here at No Cover Magazine to go and check out Artifas music anywhere you consume your music and give them a follow on their social media pages.