Buckley’s Angel isn’t only a reference to a well-beloved tv show, but a name to a project that had been held on tight for years until late 2015. Michael Kelly began his ventures in music by wreaking havoc at ska shows in high school that by the time he reached college he knew he truly wanted to move from the pit to the stage. From then on, Kelly had played in some punk bands and was fortunate to be able to dip his toes into touring with then band, Ash Williams. Being with the band for 5 to 6 years it eventually came to an end and instead of letting his creative flow fizzle out he decided to continue making music. Turning away from punk rock for the moment to dive into something different and new, Kelly found another form of inspiration in bands like Beached Fossils and Acid Ghost. A total step away from the chaos of punk rock to more chill, soft and laid back sound of shoegaze. Kelly: I kind of grew up on punk, I’ve always been into punk, but over the years I started listening to bands like Beach Fossils and bands like Acid Ghost. I’m like thinking “you know what this is cool, this makes me feel nice, I want to start writing like this. It was challenging too, I wanted to write something outside of the traditional bounds of punk song. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, there are punk songs that are incredibly complex and brilliant in their own right, but I wanted to prove to myself that I can hang with these bands that I am starting to really get into. For us, the album “Pinnacle Room” is purely a vibe, it’s music you can listen to with nothing else going on around and just relax in the dark by yourself while having a smoke. The album was created in the summer of 2020 and the name “Pinnacle Room” reserves a reference, as well, that sparked inspiration in parallel to some new steps Kelly has taken in his personal life. Kelly: Pinnacle Room is actually a reference to an old CBS sitcom, Yes Dear. Just a really obscure episode where the main character remembers this restaurant called The Pinnacle Room and he thought it was super great and when he came back it was kind of a dump. That was the concept as a whole of the album. I’m from San Diego and moving up to LA, just feeling weird about that, with being away from my friends and trying to find my purpose out here. He gave himself the opportunity to build up self-esteem, to grow and push the limits as an individual and artist by not only diving in and creating something new, but also producing the vocals. Laying out the vocal delivery proved challenging, however, was pulled off wonderfully and is very much an enjoyable listen, understanding some of the struggles being faced. Be sure to check out the album “Pinnacle Room” available now on YouTube and platforms like Spotify and don’t forget to keep up with Michael Kelly and Buckley’s Angel via social media!