California Punk band, Fist Fight On Ecstasy, are a group of dudes who don’t seem to take themselves too seriously. These veterans of the scene formerly/currently in bands like The Last Priority, Dogends and Ladies First create music and put on some unforgettable shows to not only deliver the fun party times, but to make people laugh. Vocalist of the band, Ed, is a showstopper who loves to get in front of a crowd of punks, let loose and get the entire room to get moving.

No Covet: Ed, you’re such a showman, as a performer, how did you get to where you are now?

Ed: There would be singers and other people coming up to me and I would just tell them, no fear, that’s all you have to do. Think of an idea, do it, don’t hesitate, just do it. If it looks like you know what you’re doing up there, people believe it. I’ve just always loved it,The whole Queen, Lady Gaga, Just the whole showmanship. It’s like a player to me.

Back in February the band released a compilation album with 33 other punk bands and actually have some shows coming up within the next few months. They will be playing at The Sardine which is a really cool venue that is also a record store and a bar that is really worth checking out and will be accompanied by 805 bands, Dr Know and Hiding Inside Victims. The guys of FFOE have traveled to many different places in and around California, but show lots of love for our local area because they know the regular show-goers around here attend shows for the love of the music

No cover: What has been your favorite moment about being in this band?

Josh: Each show is like a different crack up or some sort of adventure, you know. I mostly like going on the road and going on tour because it’s us and the boys and every town is different and there’s always something new to laugh at. One time we played at this place called the Stardust or something in Whittier. So we’re playing the show and then Ed does his thing where he takes his clothes off mid-set and he has a wardrobe malfunction. He had the shorts that kind of tore off with the buttons on the side and everything just came off I remember looking over to my right and the owner of the bar was just freaking out.

Inspiration for these guys comes in the form of discovering other musical artists as well as life itself and translating that energy into their own music which helps them to connect with people in their own unique ways. Be sure to go check out and keep up with FFOE on Facebook and Instagram to see about upcoming shows and new music, the support of bands like FFOE supports the scene we still hold onto to dearly today.