You can meet anyone that can shift your life in the best way. Clo-Sur is an atmospheric pop artist from Southern California who met his musical counterpart, Solo Ray on YouTube during a remix competition. Clo-Sur’s passion for his work runs deep with his writing and had been looking to have his music professionally produced with many trials, but to no avail. Producers in the past weren’t successful at capturing specifically what he had stored in his head that desperately needed to come out. Meeting Solo put Clo-Sur’s career on the right path to achieving what he’s been chasing and working together truly created the sound he was trying to bring to life in his music. Quite shockingly the duo have yet to meet in person, as Solo resides and works out of Montana, leaving the project to be produced through extensive sharing through phone calls and text.

Clo-Sur: I’ve worked with a lot of different producers on pop music, trying to get a sound that feels like what I’m imagining in my head. It’s been a lot of clicking through samples and just not finding the right sound. When I met solo online I just liked the way he thought about music. It was very different and when I would give him a song his version would come out better than I imagined.

With the entire album nearly ready to release, Clo-Sur drops a single called “One More Time” which takes many of us through familiar encounters, experiencing one-sided relationships in unique forms and not feeling valued or uplifte.. It is a beautifully orchestrated piece of art where the music and lyrics converge, both gracefully complimenting the other.

Clo-Sur: The song is really like a boundary, like an anthem saying, enough, I’m not going to keep giving myself in this way. I definitely wanted it to have this air of denial. As much as I say “one more time” in that song, people probably understand that what I’m saying is it’s going to happen again. It’s supposed to be as if I’m saying it to myself because I’m through with it, but the reality is that we’re not always great at cutting things off and that’s what I wanted that song to feel like, that feeling of frustration. Feeling used and powerless and trying to take control, so that’s really what the song is about.

There are a multitude things that go into building a career in music and one of those includes the musical influences that trigger that spark. Clo-Sur finds inspiration for this specific project from pop artists who convey feeling and more explicitly, Coldplay, which is a clear indication through the single “One More Time” and throughout the rest of the album.

If you made it this far in the article, go check out Clo-Sur’s single “One More Time” available on YouTube and even platforms such as Spotify! Also be sure to keep up with Clo-Sur via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all @closurofficial, see you all there!