Covid-19 has been a crazy ride for all of us, trying to pick up the pieces from our past life and trying to piece them together in our new life and seeing what is left. Before the pandemic Marc Rizzo was in Soulfly a band that needs no introduction and throughout the pandemic the relationship between the Soulfly camp and Marc Rizzo quickly deteriorated which eventually led to Marc’s departure from the band. After 18 years in a band it’s bittersweet, it’s bitter because of the way the departure happened but it’s a sweet thing because the Shred God is off to making some great music with some great people. During the pandemic there were no shows, no revenue coming in, and Marc had to resort bang hammers to survive financially and somewhere in New Jersey there are houses made by the Shred god himself Marc Rizzo. “ Within six months I had to get a day job, I had no contact with anyone in regards to Soulfly as far as what the plan was gonna be. I was hoping for a live stream, or an online merch deal, even a new record. There was no communication so I was just on my own and that’s fine, but six months into the Covid-19 shut down I really didn’t want anything to do with Soulfly because of the way everything was mishandled.” NC: Was it the equivalent of here is a watch after working a twenty year career for a company or was it every man for themselves once Covid Hit? “It definitely was every man for themselves, that’s the vibe I got from the minute we got home from that last show in Mexico. In August Soulfly released a live record that I played about 95% of the guitar on, Live in New York and I didn’t see a dime off that record. So it definitely was an everyman for themselves type of vibe and that’s fine I got a day job and I hustled. I am glad I didn’t take any of these loans out that others did. I hustled and I made my way.” Insert stage left Guitar Virtuoso MARC RIZZO (Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Ill Nino) has announced HAIL THE HORNS, a new project alongside bassist TONY CAMPOS (Static-X, Fear Factory, Soulfly) and drummer CHRISTIAN “OPUS” LAWRENCE (Dead By Wednesday, Ellefson). The trio have recorded a cover of the KISS classic, “God Of Thunder”, with Campos handling lead vocals. “With Hail the Horns we are gonna start off doing a lot of covers from bands that we are all known from, we will play Soulfly, Static X, Ministry, Prong, Ill Nino, Fear Factory, everything we are known for. Tony surprised me with how great he belted “God of Thunder” he’s so good. “ Marc Rizzo is an amazing human being and the way he handled this situation, a situation that would break some people, he stood in the face of adversity and challenged it. He stood up and took life into his own hands. Hail the Horns is an amazing project that has every metal fan foaming at the mouth in anticipation of consumption. If you’re a fan of Marc,Tony, or Opus go and check out Hail the Horns and if you’re just a fan of metal this is something you’ll love. We at No Cover want to encourage all of our readers to go and check out Marc’s solo project, Revenge Beast, and his newest project Hail the Horns anywhere you consume music.