Multi-platinum, record-breaking band ShinedownBrent Smith [vocals], Zach Myers [guitar], Eric Bass [bass, production], and Barry Kerch [drums] – have sold more than 10 million albums and 10 million singles worldwide, earned 14 platinum and gold singles, five platinum and gold albums, and amassed more than 4.5 billion total streams throughout their impressive career. Their hit songs, including four tracks from ATTENTION ATTENTION, have brought the band’s total to 17 #1s on the Mediabase Active Rock Chart and 16 #1s on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs Chart, breaking the record for the most #1s ever in the history of the Billboard chart. Additionally, all of Shinedown’s 27 consecutive career singles have reached the Top 5 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs Chart, another unparalleled achievement. Shinedown’s distinct mix of explosive rock ‘n’ roll spirit, thought-provoking lyrics and melodic sensibility on ATTENTION ATTENTION (Atlantic Records) ushered in the band’s biggest and boldest chapter to date.

Attention Attention is truly a Cinematic masterpiece,  and truly has inspired me as an artist. I am not that great of an artist, but it made me want to be the best at everything I do. This video is the album come to life, the same way we had “Another Brick in the Wall” and with the same exact power behind it. As a writer sometimes you become numb and expect to hear the same old and this was so different and so special this album is all killer and absolutely no filler. This album/Cinematic masterpiece has drama,excitement, and the stories being told are unique and beautiful.  You know art is special when it makes you question your life, you know art is special because when you find it, it changes you. 

“The whole definition of Attention Attention in its entirety is to understand that it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter if you’re younger or older, the color of your skin, or religion. The story is built around all different people coming from all walks of life and we all have a story but it’s these dynamics in your journey in life of failure. A lot of time people are just afraid of failure, they don’t want to accept failure or risk failure or try something new because of the fear of failure, but you have to fail to become great. Failure is your first teacher and makes you into a stronger human. You will never be defined in your life by your failures (unless you’re a Bills fan) you’re defined by the fact you refuse to give up. Through the journey of this film you experience the failure and success of these characters, and at the end of the journey they all find each other and they all have a respect for each other.”

ATTENTION ATTENTION is a visual journey that brings to life the story of Shinedown’s acclaimed chart-topping album, their sixth full-length, which has accumulated more than 622 million global streams, debuted Top 5 on the Billboard 200, simultaneously hit #1 on Billboard’s Alternative, Top Rock and Hard Rock Albums Charts, and led to five iHeart Radio Music Award nominations. From life’s lowest lows to the highest highs, what emerges from the forthcoming film is a powerful and enduring statement about humanity, overcoming struggle, the importance of mental health, not being afraid to fail, and the resolve of the human spirit. This stunning sonic and visual work of art was directed by Bill Yukich (Beyoncé, Metallica, Wiz Khalifa) and features theatrical performances from the band, Melora Walters (Magnolia, Big Love, PEN15), and Francesca Eastwood (Old, Twin Peaks, Fargo), among others.  

“Miles Davis once said ‘If you’re gonna tell a story, tell it with some attitude.’ That is precisely what the film ATTENTION ATTENTION does,” shares front man Brent Smith. “A mind-bending free fall into the human psyche. A visual journey through the eyes of multiple characters, scenarios, and complex situations. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!!!”


When I was younger I was a huge Shinedown fan, I have seen them live countless times and I have all their albums. Then throughout life they I sorta faded from them not because I didn’t enjoy the music, but more of myself changing and exploring other sounds. The last few days while researching the band for this article, it felt warm and complete like reuniting with a best friend. In this new album the band really experimented with their sound but not by abandoning their old sound. Some tracks are very hard rock/metal and some tracks are very “Modern Alternative ” but seeing through the sound you see something very special and it’s the creative side. The way this band creates is different, and beautiful. This band is not cookie cutter and they are truly a band that marches to the beat of their own drum, willing to take risks with their sound all in the name of art. This isnt a band trying to just make money, but this is an amazing group of people who want to create amazing things. We hear at No Cover highly suggest this album Attention Attention and invite you to fall in love with Shinedown again. This album is available wherever you stream your music.