Plastic Culture, an up and coming band from Orange County, CA is gaining the recognition they deserve with the most creative ways to build an audience. They have been testing the waters by working on and releasing phenomenal cover songs such as “What I Got” by Sublime and “Say My Name” By Destiny’s Child” including some fantastic originals from genres all across the board. Lately the band has been working on original music as popularity for their sound turns more heads and helps to support their up and coming ventures in touring as well as plans to put on bigger shows.

The project is a duo consisting of Kaitlin A and Eddie Garcia who, as a team, create the music they want with no outside influences. They have played with countless professional musicians and other unofficial band members to achieve the goals of performing and making their ideas a reality. At the end of the day these individuals are going to create something worth putting out into the world in the most authentic way possible.

Plastic Culture had taken the best advice as a band to create content and go with recording individual songs to try and capture more ears, versus putting out a full length album. These smart moves seem to be getting these group of talented individuals where they need to be.

Kaitlin, the vocal talent of the band explains to us how the name, Plastic Culture, was chosen to be the focal point that represents the footprint they are trying to leave on the music today. As a fan of rock music, the community just is not like it used to be with how it has been taken over by yes men who want to just make quick cash over the authenticity of creating music.

Kaitlin: As a big rock fan, I felt like rock kind of, in a nice way, all sounded the same. Nothing really stood out and if you’re a fan of 90s music, what I love about the 90s was there was just so many different things that you could pick that were so good and so unique from one another. That just completely got lost when I was starting the band (2012-2013) so I was thinking how everything’s so fake and so plastic now and I want to be against that and do music like it was before.

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