Accompanied by Manhattan native, Madame Mayhem, we celebrate her and her band’s new single “I Am More.” The song was set to release pre-pandemic, although had to pull the reigns since she, unlike many other bands and artists, felt like it wasn’t the best time to drop a new song in the midst of the madness. Her message to the world with “I Am More” really speaks on the level of self-empowerment and rising above everything and everyone that tries to make you feel small. Experiencing feelings of inadequacy within the music industry can register to a grand scale audience as the majority have had the familiar acquaintance of these people in many areas of life. 


Although this was a song born out of a positive outcome in Madame Mayhem’s  career, she couldn’t help, but to think about this box that was created for impressionable artists to feel stuck in their journey. This song came from a place where energies were sky high after performing a song with Seven Dust in Michigan. Bursts of creative energy had Madame Mayhem waking up at the crack of dawn the next morning to travel to Tennessee to write a song with co-writer Keith Wallen from band, Breaking Benjamin to begin the writing process. Frustrations began to surface through that moment of excitement about being a female-fronted band in the business and being trapped in a box with a different set of rules attached as if that meant anything to the ones who actually break ground. 


“I had all this energy, I was on cloud nine and we just started writing and all of a sudden something kind of turned and we were trying to figure out what to write about. Honestly this industry likes to clump us together as a female artist in a female-fronted band.”


Madame Mayhem has always known, since her adolescent years that she wanted to sing and perform. As a kid she created her own songs as soon as she learned how to write and wanted to spend her time taking any sort of lessons she can get her hands on and soaking up all the knowledge. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that writing and performing music was where she needed to be when she was attending college at the University of Miami where she majored in Musical theater and vocal performance. She practiced her writing skills in multiple genres, even creating and releasing a pop song that did very well, but that seemed to be the moment she knew where she needed to be and where she was headed next. 


“After the song came out and did well I was like, wait, this isn’t what I actually want to do. I want to spill my guts and so hard rock and be real with what I’m doing…”


Don’t forget to check out Madame Mayhem’s single “I Am More” available on all musical platforms and watch the full interview on the No Cover channel on YouTube!