UK native band Penelope Isles is a brother/sister duo inhabited by Lily and Jack Wolter who are set to release their sophomore album “Which Way To Happy.” They kick off this album with a sneak peak of a single called “Sailing Still” that has been in the works for four years. The song had been through many changes, but thusly ready to be perceived by the masses. 


The pair started getting their project together when Lily was 16 and Jack, 22. Lily was introduced to alternative rock, as her love of music came from classical and jazz and was taught to play bass. Each half of the duo have this way of working separately, but coming together and getting the kinks worked, even helping each other bring to life their old songs.


“This song has changed over time while continuously working on it. It has taken four years to write, but in those four years situations have changed so the song has changed with it up until recording and laying down the final take” adds Jack Wolter.


As artists and both dealing with heartbreak, channeling their feelings seemed to be what was needed at the time of the creation of the album. Although, it’s tough to get out the words lyrically, it slightly opened the doors to write and perform more honestly and authentically. Having this as an outlet gave them permission to release built up energy surrounding these experiences and doing it together. 


Managing the stressors of some inevitable changes during the pandemic, the band had been affected drastically. Not only were they not able to tour and play shows, but they were also going through line-up changes as well as having an isolation period during a two-month recording session when restrictions were at large. 


“We were staying in this really small, beautiful cottage, we were all rotating who got the bed, the sofa and floor every night. Obviously, we couldn’t go anywhere, we weren’t even allowed to go to the beach. We were isolating but didn’t have our own rooms.”


The venture through the making of this album has deemed a special experience for the pair, as this was a project that kept their heads up and kept them focused while going through so much heaviness internally. It is described by Jack as an anchor and safe place to be and not just with the heartaches, but through the grueling period of stand-still during the pandemic as well. Lyrically, they also feel great about how far the band has come since the first album and how the music for them as changed for the better. 


“I feel like when I started making this, I was quite a different person to who I am now. Like I have done a bit of growing up and maturing, I guess, and sorted quite a few bits out in my life” says Lily Wolter.


Go check out Penelope Isles and give them some love and support by checking out their single “Sailing Still” on their newest album “Which Way To Happy” out on November 5th, 2021.