Angie Haze

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Anita Herczog

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Blackout Rose

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Blackout Rose is the new WorldRock Afropunk super fusion of Unbridled Rock n' Soul! Rebranded and Reborn from formerly being known as DLHR (Daddy Longlegs' Homegrown...

Bob Hughes

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Singer/Harmonica player for Headlands Beach Experience and Gimme Sugar, Cleveland's Only tribute to the Rolling Stones!


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C-level is a high-energy three-piece band with a unique blend of funk, punk, reggae, bluegrass and rock. Their exhilarating sound is driven by the philosophy "Honest...

Carol Haburay

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Chassidy Blundell

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Concepcion Spielvogel

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Daniel Rucker

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Daniel Rucker is a 2x Grammy Award nominated songwriter/ producer turned Record Executive. Career started as an A&R with Atlantic Records and now is the CEO...

The Chewy Center

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The Chewy Center is a jam infused, space rock band from Cleveland, OH comprised of members, David "D. Flo" DeFlorentis (vocals/guitar), Mike Nock (lead guitar), Nate...