Bad JuJu Cleveland

Biographical Info

Bad JuJu Cleveland is a high energy group of 4 talented musicians from the Cleveland area, specializing in the 90's rock genre.

Winning the 2022 CMA for best tribute/cover capped the end of the band's fifth year together. Bad JuJu has an extensive body of work spanning multiple states, including opening for recording artists and national tribute acts as well as headlining their own shows. Playing music venues with capacities of 50 people, all the way to music festivals holding 8,000 fans, Bad JuJu has amassed a loyal fan base across the region.

Although Bad JuJu is a genre based tribute of 90's Rock, often they change arrangements and invite collaborations in an effort to add their own musical style and set themselves apart. Bad JuJu entertains beginning to end and continues to keep fans engaged.

Band/Artist Genre

  • All Genres Cover Band
  • Rock N Roll

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