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BIG IN JAPAN is a popular cover band on the North Coast performing since 2008. Combining both modern and classic songs, a BIG IN JAPAN show is a high energy, fun-filled event! Audiences are drawn onto their feet to dance and have a fantastic time, making them want to come back again and again.

BIG IN JAPAN is Matt Contorno on drums and vocals, R. Scott Vaughn on bass and lead vocals, and Vic Bordelon on guitar and lead vocals. They are one of the longest running cover bands in the Cleveland area with all original members. This is due to both the talent and the friendship they have together, working as a well-oiled machine. BIG IN JAPAN's set list is geared for a party and spans several eras plus music genres. With hit songs ranging from the 80's to today's Top 40 Hip-Hop, Pop, and Dance Rock. BIG IN JAPAN is sure to keep the dance floor jumping!

Band/Artist Genre

  • Hip -Hop
  • Dance Rock
  • Pop

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