Biographical Info

Fox Ears is a band formed in Cleveland, Ohio. Composing a blend of R&B, Rock, Funk, Jazz and more.
Alonzo Johnson (songwriter, lead vocals, keyboards), Tyler Ray Lobdell (guitar, vocals), Jeff Larch (percussion) and Matt Gorey (bass) decided to blend their experiences together to make new music in the summer of 2022.
Why do they go by Fox Ears? Foxes carry a myriad of characteristics. Sometimes they are described as intelligent, crafty hunters. Other times they're called mischievous, playful or goofy. Then there are some foxes that just scream in the woods for seemingly no reason at all.
Known to walk the line between the wilds and society, and with such variety comprising their existence, the fox is a perfect metaphor for the philosophy the band holds and wants to share with you all through their music.

Band/Artist Genre

  • Funk Rock
  • R&B
  • Soul

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