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LoConti, a band from Cleveland, Ohio, delivers alternative rock music that is driving, harmonious, and passionate. Their one and only goal is to create scores that soar through space and time. The group's debut album, Cherry Red, is grounded in melodic rock, each track exploring a different facet of everyday life. The title track "Cherry Red," uses a strong wall of harmonies to convey the frustration and self-imposed obstacles that can hinder a relationship. Meanwhile, "Live Again" uses driving chords to capture the euphoria of a live concert experience. “Buddy G" features expansive vocals and a deep groove to explore themes of trust, hope, and ultimately, betrayal. In “Memories”, a unique live recording from Trinity Cathedral, Eric and Henry shine a light on the significance of memories through the passage of time.

The band members include Henry LoConti on guitar/vocals, Michael LoConti on drums, Eric Sconyers on saxophone/keys, Erin Donovan on vocals/percussion, Tyler Pirc on bass, and Trevor Carmichael on guitar. They also have a professional visual and audio setup engineered by Dante Patt.

The group found their sound while playing in venues and bars around Northeast Ohio, all while composing and refining their original tunes.

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  • Alternative Rock

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