By Jake Moore

Photography by ALEX GRANT

Cleveland has been known to be a hub for exciting nightlife in many areas of entertainment for people. The city is known for housing big-name concerts and huge sporting events with the various Cleveland teams, but its scene for bars and tap houses has been growing. They have a unique ambiance and through different many themes and local ownership can offer a diverse number of options.

There are many places that have stood the test of time in Cleveland and continue to leave their mark on the city as classic spots to keep coming back to. Say you were seeing a show at Jacob’s Pavilion and didn’t want the night to end after the show you could head right over to McCarthy’s Bar. This is an Irish bar that has been able to find its crowd with concertgoers while providing a fun atmosphere for whoever wants to go in it. There is a place called Muldoon’s Saloon and Eatery that not only has a great bar area but also a great restaurant section that has real quality food. Another great place to visit is The Winchester, which is known for having well-priced drinks while being able to enjoy great local entertainment. This bar has stood the test of time by bringing in local talent to provide entertainment for people in a city known for its concert scene. Cleveland has had a growing scene of breweries that have been able to make a name for themselves in the city. Each of them offers unique selections of beer and some with gourmet food as well. Some breweries such as Great Lakes and Market Garden even offer tours to take an in-depth look at how they make their beer. There are other great places to visit like Southern Tier Brewery which has great food and serves one of their signature beers, the double IPA. These are just the tip of the iceberg for Cleveland Breweries. In the area, there has also been a rise in quality in the cocktail scene with places like Westel’s where you can get fine mixed drinks from quality bartenders that know what to suggest and how to mix well. Another nice place is called Lost Social Club which is a boutique lounge and nightclub, offering handcrafted cocktails in a luxurious and intimate setting. Another notable cocktail bar that is at the forefront of Cleveland’s authentic cocktail-making is where you can go for its unique ambiance.

There are also great spots that have a more cozy and friendly atmosphere such as a bar called the Treehouse over in the Tremont area which has a tree-adorned bar and unique drinks that help bring a sense of identity to its community. Another place on Detroit Ave to check out is the XYZ Tavern where they offer over 24 craft beers on tap and over 100 varieties of whiskey to try.
These businesses all support one another, whether it be directly telling people or by selling a local brewery’s beer and helping spread business that way. This all

falls in line with the Cleveland culture of helping each other and wanting the city and industry to grow together.
Even though the bar and cocktail culture may be big in Cleveland it will always be a hot spot for music and entertainment. It has always attracted crowds for all genres whether jazz to blues or rock to indie you can find something. Not only does it have huge names come through for arena shows but there are plenty of more intimate venues to see smaller acts or to discover people you have never seen.

The Beachland Ballroom is a venue that has been helping the music scene of Cleveland for decades, bringing talent on the rise while having a whole other half dedicated to a more laid-back bar area. Local acts play constantly here as well as national touring acts that are just starting to break. Another great place to see a mix of local and bigger acts is the Agora Ballroom, which transforms itself for whatever type of act may be coming through. See a jazz artist and get seated at a nice table or if you’re seeing a rock show take those tables away to mosh and hit the bar.

The steady growth of new and fresh businesses in the cocktail and brewery scene in Cleveland has been very beneficial in adding to the list of many reasons to come spend a night out in Cleveland. The city has such a sense of pride that transfers over to the taphouses and bars that are giving unique experiences to people.
Whether you want to try new craft beer, have an authentic handmade cocktail, or see local talent, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking to liven up your night maybe try taking a night out in The Land.

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