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5 People to Know: Lindsey Poyar, Avery Griffin, Reggie Knox, Tony Yerman & Jon Birden

By Tre Smith

Lindsey Poyar
Being creative in photography has brought out some of the best talents in Cleveland for quite a long duration time. Lindsey is no stranger to this beautiful journey we call, commercial and conceptual photography. The first time I got to witness Lindsey’s work was almost 4 years ago. I’ll never forget exactly where I was, which to me, is a true testament to her true passion for visuals. In her spare time, Lindsey works & Is the founder of her fully decked out visual photog paradise she calls Pop Shell Studios. and while her reels can give you a true experience of the full-time photographer life, you can also find some amazing Adobe Photoshop tutorials as well, while she’s in between St. Pete, Florida & Cleveland, Ohio, while shooting for Goodnight John Boy, FWD Hospitality’s cheeky Nightclub endeavor of the 1970s born teenager paradise, blended with the sleek and modern delicacy of modern day technology. Lindsey’s work is something that is incredibly special and unique. With that being said, we will continue to help elevate her craft, while her work elevates the culture.

Lindsey Poyar

Avery Griffin
Who exactly, do you know that wakes up and just decides to do a festival in Mentor Headlands the right way? Or do random pop-up concert events with the skateboarding community in the middle of downtown Cleveland? you’ve guessed it! Avery Griffin. Avery is a very diverse and magical dot connector to creativity in the music industry and other industries as well. As a fine art collector, he has supported countless artists, as well as established his own artwork. If you ever see me, wear a pink ADHD Apparel hoodie, Avery designed this custom piece before I ever designed a single piece for them or became their graphic designer! As a true champion of building grassroots projects as well, Avery is always setting his sights on building something worth keeping an eye on.

Reggie Knox
While audio engineering seems extremely accessible and simple o many recording artists, you suddenly meet a next-level anomaly, like Reggie Knox, a Cleveland-based audio engineer, who is becoming the voice of some of the city’s best up-and-coming artists in the rap and hip-hop genre. While still shining through a recent opportunity to work with RBMG & Doeboy, Make no mistake, Reggie is highly devoted to his craft. This is why the recent RBMG signee, Big Flame trusts Reggie’s meticulous ear for great recordings. he is the premiere option for anyone trying to have a direct clear, and upfront sound. The last time I was in one of his sessions, the kids were making drill-style remixes of Bad Habit by Steve Lacy. I was so enthused and inspired. I told them about my interview with Matt Martian, a founding member of Lacy’s Grammy award-winning band The Internet and it really refreshing to see the next generation care about the craft. Reggie is a true leader in music and No Cover is excited to continue highlighting him through his taste and accolades

Tony Yerman
Beer is Food. Ok well, it’s a drink and it’s a drink that you enjoy responsibly with good friends and good times. while listening to great music. Whenever we talk about good music and great performance, we think of Tony Yerman. Tony is not only a true musician of the highest caliber, he has provided stepping stones and foundations for many. my early career, Tony Yerman transcended my music career early on with a notable performance at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. He is a consistent gigging musician with an endless history of performance with some of the direct network of veteran-level musicians. He is currently playing all across northeast Ohio with Collage: The Band, a party-centric band, focused on keeping goods times front and center while carrying a high level of music ship! No Cover is forever grateful for Tony’s contribution and be sure to catch him and his band, Collage, around playing your favorites!

Jon Birden
There aren’t that many veteran DJs in the city of Cleveland, focused on building the underground community as well as getting the next generation involved in a great platform, Jon Birden. Playing sets such as Jon Doe has been a symbol for not only Ohio DJs and bass music but for the greater vision of DJing for the city of Cleveland. With his current endeavor, Svbcvltvre Cleveland, He is really driving the community in the electronic music scene on all scales, while also bringing very credible and very iconic electronic acts, such as Currupt, which was also covered in our previous July issue for No Cover Cleveland. Overall Jon is Constantly proving to be a leader in his own space and this is something that is not only interesting but very valuable to Cleveland music, as a whole

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