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Isaac Flynn of Hembree, based out of Kansas City, with excitement, details the experiences of creating their second and newest album, “It’s A Dream” along with a fun and whimsical music video of the same name. The video stars friend of the band and talented actress, Sydney Park who beautifully brought the video together perfectly and really put on a magical performance to emphasize It’s A Dream. A perfect start to 2022 for the band as they continue their musical voyage. The intention behind the video was to really convey what the album as a whole represented which takes us on a ride. In, out, and through reality, unable to fully understand and grasp what is real, what’s not and what’s actually happening. The song and video itself do a tremendous job taking us away from our world into theirs for a moment’s time.

“I felt like having her involvement just took the video to a whole new level… we wanted it to match the theme of the record, kind of like everything being really surreal and weaving in and out of reality and not being able to decipher what’s actually happening and it did such a wonderful job, sending the viewers through such a trippy experience.”

As many other musicians and bands have experienced, Hembree is no exception to putting song recordings and record releases on the back burner due to the public health crises, we all know too well. Isaac Flynn explains how they had booked time in the recording studio and scheduled when to meet up and get things rolling right before the world decided to shut-down, which would mark the beginning of a forever-changing planet. At that time, Flynn felt that the record needed more variety, more demos and more of a chance to grow into the highest potential it deserves to be, which is ultimately what was granted on a grand scale. Having that time to create more was a recipe for well-revised songs with the nurturing they were able to give to every inch of the album.

“I remember feeling like I needed more time to make this record and boy did we get more time. We ended up doing about 15 more demos that turns into 30 songs to choose from and it was mostly made, remotely, during all of the pandemic. It’s so wild because the record actually sounds more alive than any of our previous stuff.”

Please be sure to send much appreciated support and love to our friends of Hembree as they surprise us with a brilliantly well thought out album to kick off the new year and peek into what’s to come on the album after checking out the song and nearly psychedelic music video for “It’s A Dream”. All available on most popular music streaming platforms.

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