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Tres Leches brings the Fireworks

Getting straight into it, we are celebrating a culturally diverse band, Tres Leches and their newest single, Fireworks. This piece expresses the state we as people are in when the media as well as other forces strive to get us as a collective of people to fight against each other for survival. It creates a perspective on coming together and working with one another to live sustainably now and for generations to come. The pair conveys where we are headed out of the old ways into where we are destined to be altogether and in such a unique way within their music and style.

From the Pacific Northwest, you could think this band is a needle in a haystack with the range of languages and Latin flair that is embedded. Alaia D’ Alessandro and Ulises Mariscal shared their love of multinational sounds when they met prior at a Seattle music festival back in 2011. Each having a significant musical background and experiences with their parents who also had a fond liking to music, attending shows with them in their youth which remains a huge kick starter to their passions in the art.

“It’s kind of about however you ingest archaic battle over resources, and I think a lot of us do that through media. There’s a lot of different ways it comes up in life, it’s however you start ingesting that age old tactic of divide and conquer, trying to resist that singular thinking and figuring out different ways of going about life so that we can work together and find more sustainable ways of living.”

Tres Leches, the name chosen to represent the band as a whole, comes about from attracting Latinos to their shows. Especially up in the northwest where that demographic and Latin-inspired music is so sparse. The band does a fabulous job of unifying those local and beyond to their work. Both Alaia and Ulises have this bond and great friendship through sharing their love of Spanish-speaking bands and artists. They quickly connected after meeting and the idea of assuming a band together in coordination with their roots soon manifested into reality.

“We kind of bonded over our love for rock from all over different parts of Latin America and he showed me some stuff I never would have known about. We became friends from there and started forming the band. There’s us and then there’s Terror Cactus, another great band from here and a lot of bands spread out between here and Portland. The further you go south you get more, but it thins out as you come up to the northwest.

Tres Leches is one of those special bands with special, unique people who have so much to offer and teach us. The Seattle-based artists are ones you won’t regret supporting and keeping up with so definitely check out their newest song Fireworks along with their other songs and music videos that’ll get you hooked the minute you give them that chance to enter your world.

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