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Olive Vox celebrates new single “Bury me Low”

Psychedelic rock band Olive Vox is the creation of singer-songwriter, social media creator/influencer Parker James (aka Steven) and his brother guitarist-songwriter Caden Shea who have created a sound well beyond their years with heavy 90s grunge influence of Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Alice In Chains, et as well as some psychedelic influence of veterans Pink Floyd and more current, Ty Segall. 

How did you guys start?

“I started writing music and playing the guitar when I was about ten, that’s about when the dream began. Then I asked Parker if he would want to sing with me because I was far too insecure about my voice. I had a high pitch voice, it would crack, and I didn’t have a very good range. We just got a couple of people together and we started practicing in the front room of our house.”

How’d you decide on Olive Vox?

“The original name of our band was called “Hoof” named slightly after the Hoof distortion pedal. After realizing man we can probably be a real band, we looked into the name and damn you wouldn’t believe how many bands have the name Hoof and they were all metal. So I was thinking lets think of something a little more original, something that could be our own. So I was in my room writing a bunch of names on a spiral ring notebook, it was frustrating because originally I thought writing music would help inspire the name but it ended up being me eating olives. I was in the studio and I was staring at the talk back box and it had the name vox on it and boom we have our name. It really rolls off the tongue if you say it over and over.”

Olive Vox are a dynamic duo with a throwback feel, from the videos they make to the songs they create they make you feel like you have gone into a time machine back to the 1990s. Hard riffs and distortion with scratchy vocals are the perfect recipe for a creative psychedelic experience. Olive Vox are celebrating their single “Bury me Low” which feels like a Nirvana/At the Drive in hybrid, with Vocalist Parker James singing his heart out. The composition of the song feels straight out of the grunge era. If you’re a fan of early 90s grunge or Psychedelic music give Olive Vox a try. You can find them anywhere you consume your music. 

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