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The Brethren is a country rock band comprising of two sets of talented brothers, Lonnie and Chad Chapin and Casey and Corey Chapin. Award-winning singer-songwriters within their respected abilities as artists and genres who all had a profound longing to create country music, their soul’s desire for a decade. The group of guys got together in Nashville, due to the pandemic wiping clean their schedules of the 2020 year, which gave them the most enthusiastic green light to meet in the studio where those creative juices thrived. Collectively it felt like a dream to be able to write and play music, purely, for the fun of it. The enjoyment of putting together a long-awaited project pursued wonderful music that we have from The Brethren today.

“It was the first time that we could come together and just play purely for the love of music. We had nobody telling us what to do, what to sound like, what to say, so we just bought a bunch of booze, locked ourselves in the studios and we were like little kids again.”

Two new singles we are celebrating, “Ain’t Got You” and “Loving In The Moment” are pieces of a long-awaited seed of a project planted a decade before, that has now come to the surface.

Their new singles we are, enthusiastically, celebrating “Ain’t Got You” and “Loving In The Moment” came from the three days they were stowed away in the studio with that high, positive, creative, energy and eager to get the ball rolling.

“Loving In The Moment” came when Chad brought forth this idea to one of the writing sessions in Nashville with the pandemic in mind and living in the moment was kind of how everyone in the the world seemed to have been operating. Succumbing to a state of living and forgetting to love. As a society, we decided to just exist and if we can get back to loving in this moment, regardless of heartbreak, regardless of loss in a past you cannot change and a future that hasn’t arrived, Lonnie explains. If we live in the moment with the people around us and the life given to us, the world can absolutely go in the direction of change for the better regardless of your political view, your religious view and get back to love then we’re going to be okay.

“It’s important that we forgive ourselves. We’re told that we’re supposed to forgive others, but what about us? I have to forgive myself of my past mistakes in order to move on because if I don’t, I’m stuck and I’m going to stay stuck until I can actually, truly, genuinely forgive myself and just move on and that’s hard to do, but think that it’s important too”

We invite you to keep up with The Brethren via their personal web page at, social media such as Instagram and Facebook as well as music platforms, YouTube and Spotify to check out “Ain’t Got You” and “Loving In The Moment.”

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