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Pepper Lewis is an amazing soul, whose painful experiences fuel her to do extraordinary things. Born and raised in Queens and Long Island, New York. Pepper knew she wanted to be a musician at a young age and counts Bruce Springsteen, Amy Winehouse, Bob Dylan, EllaFitzgerald, Lily Allen, Barbra Streisand — and even Hannah Montana, who showed her that girls could make music, as formative influences. Coupled with her parents’ support, Pepper’s unshakeable and innate work ethic compelled her to spend most of her childhood studying voice, guitar, and songwriting. Auditions for open mic nights led to her first big break – performing Etta James’ “At Last” at the legendary Apollo Theater to a standing ovation. After buying a one-way ticket to LA, she booked herself writing sessions and ended up writing music for TV shows such as Catfish.
“I graduated school early, and then made a huge spreadsheet with every single ANR representative, Manager, Producer, and Label reps that I wanted to learn from and talk with and I just started cold calling them all. I would spend hours researching everyone and writing thousands of emails and offer people money for an hour of their time. Then I started going back and forth from LA to Ny and every trip became longer and longer until I finally made the move.”
A self-professed “old soul,” Pepper found herself largely outcast by her peers. A prolific songwriter who draws her lyrics, her desire to help and connect with others, and her incredible drive from her own life experiences, Pepper’s passion for music found her filling notebook after notebook with lyrics and making demo CDs on her lunch break in the school library. Pepper uses the message in her music to validate others and provide them with the support network she had always wanted for herself growing up. “I just wanna make excellent music and write excellent lyrics that connect with my peers and give them a little hope,” says Pepper. That’s what I’m working so hard for because that’s what I’m here for.“
Pepper knew music was her only option; it was her plan A and B and truly took her life and dreams in her own hands and never took no for an answer. Inspired by Pepper’s tumultuous teenage years and fulfilling a promise made to her mother shortly before her passing, She Told Me To Sing My Heart Out is a collection of brutally honest, thoughtful pop songs that preserve her mother’s spirit, draw strength from pain, and speak to owning every facet of your story – even the darker chapters – in the wake of losing her biggest cheerleader at the age of 15.
“The day after my mothers death I went up to my father and asked him “Is it ok if I still become a singer?” He said yes, you have to move on and you have to become a singer cause that’s what mom would have wanted. So I just keep going and kept going because that’s what she would have wanted, to honor her life that she lost by living my life”
Pepper Lewis is beyond special; she knows how to hustle and realizes nothing comes easy. I love Pepper Lewis’s story and I love her strength just by hearing her words and listening to her story inspires me to accomplish my own dreams. The spirit of Pepper Lewis is strong, she knows exactly what she wants and she knows exactly how she is going to get there. Her music is exceptional and is made for us dreamers. Right before her mother passed she told Pepper, “ Go sing your heart out” and that’s exactly what she is doing. We at No Cover Magazine would like to invite all its readers to go follow Pepper and sing your heart out with her. There is no doubt she is the future of music.

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