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The Amazing CJ Temple

After years working in corporate America, struggling with self-doubt, mental health (including imposter syndrome) and her journey of self-discovery as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, CJ Temple returned to music with a singular goal: to provide a space of calm amid the chaos. She found this space during COVID as she amassed over 1 million+ fans when her videos went viral on TikTok overnight.

Her distinctly smooth vocals have been compared to artists like Annie Lennox, Sarah McLaughlin, and Amy Lee, but her agile range and empathetic approach to songwriting set her apart: “The way I see it, I’m creating a space, not selling you a product.”  

A collection of stunning, narrative songs driven by well-crafted vocal melodies and supported by symphonic swells, Smokerepresents everything that clouds the good in life: depression, anxiety, sadness, and struggle. It’s what you have to wade through to get to the other side. 

Recorded and produced in Nashville by Josh Kaler (Marc Scibilia, William Fitzsimmons, Frances Cone), the album feels intricately polished yet somehow raw. CJ has the chops of a seasoned a capella singer paired with a vulnerable, self-aware lyrical style and a knack for lush, well-placed harmonies (think Imogen Heap meets Depeche Mode). With elegant, thoughtful lyrics drawn from personal experience, the songs explore themes of love and sadness with characteristic authenticity. “It’s the culmination of everything, right? Love and sadness. Put ’em together and that’s life.”

The Beautiful CJ Temple is celebrating her new single “The Game” a wonderful song that looks inward at the struggles of a relationship and realizing the flaws of one’s own responsibilities in a relationship. CJ has a way with words and her storytelling is phenomenal, and her voice can melt the hardest of hearts. CJ temples debut full length album is out 1/28/22 entitled “Smoke” and believe me we want all the “SMOKE”. We here at No Cover want to encourage all our supporters to go give CJ Temple a listen, we promise you won’t be disappointed.  CJ Temple’s new album can be found anywhere you stream your music. 

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