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Flogging Molly is an Irish- American Celtic Punk Rock band that formed in 1997 in Los Angeles California Led by Front man Dave King, Bridget Regan, Dennis Casey, Nathen Maxwell, Matt Hensley, Mike Alonso, and Spencer Swain. No Cover Magazine has had the unreal opportunity to sit down with front man Dave King to discuss what’s happening with the band. Dave King is a true professional and a great human being, sometimes interviews are difficult, and you must really dig deep but Dave opened his beautiful heart for me and our readers. Dave spoke about it all from the newest single “These times have got me drinking” to the latest show in Ventura at the Ventura Music Hall March 26th, 2022, and even amazing stories from his childhood. In a time where I was doubting what I do and who I am, he helped remind me. I truly hope the reader enjoys this piece.

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has left its mark on our world and things haven’t quite been the same since, however Dave King and Flogging Molly have documented their experience with the pandemic via song. “These times have got me Drinking” the latest single Out March 10th, 2022, on all platforms is a true Covid-19 song. “Well, we were in Ireland last year right after we completed our virtual concert and we got together and talked and sort of came to the conclusion, this aint going anywhere soon. We threw the idea out why don’t we get back together in the states and create a new record. So, I went back to Dublin and put my nose to the grindstone and started writing. We all met at our Detroit house and set up in the basement and started recording, well one of the last songs we created was “These times have got me Drinking” I had an idea and brought it to the group, and everyone said “oh yea” if anything these times have got us drinking and it was a funny comment then we just started creating. Well also this song can be interpreted as a sad song because of the rough time we all have had during this pandemic, and I can see the pain in the band’s eyes while creating it but then it could also be this very intense upbeat song that can get everyone up on their feet. says King 

The world is filled with amazing talent and the world is filled with great experiences but there is only one Flogging Molly and to go to a Flogging Molly show is something that you can’t really comprehend. Flogging Molly isn’t just a concert or another show; it’s a true experience that a human being should experience. During my conversation with Dave King, I wanted to ask what makes it different or what is the mind set while creating a live show and as the interview was coming to an end, I asked Dave a question I had pretty much given up on finding that answer and then I found it. I asked Dave about his mother or fathers signature dish, and I received the best answer ever. 

“They both have passed away, but I remember we lived in a small house in a spot called Beggars Bush. We had one room and a kitchen area, but we had a full-sized piano in the room. Every second Saturday they would go to the pub and before they would leave, they would put on a pot of Pigs feet and a pot of Ribs and would put them on low. They would leave and put me in charge of these ribs and pigs feet and I was 8 or so and I had to make sure they didn’t stick to the pan or make sure the water didn’t boil over. What would happen is when the pub would close, they would bring everyone back with them. We put the only table in the house over to one side of the room and people would come and get a pig’s feet or a rib and sit on the floor while my mom would play the piano. Everyone would get an opportunity to sing.” Recalled King Now I didn’t need to ask how or why they created their show I knew. Dave King reenacts this every show. The music is so inclusive, and the vibe is so great that during a Flogging Molly show you are family, and he is inviting us to his house.

The album is something I can’t wait to come out as it’s a new experience and a peek into the head of one of the best men I have ever had the chance to interview. “We spent fourteen days in this house and created 14 different songs. It was an exciting experience. Says King. The album will be out later this year with 14 new songs for us to sing along and shout out our hearts to. Flogging Molly is on tour now with their 2022 Spring Tour and even have a special St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Hollywood. Here at No Cover Magazine, we want to encourage all our readers and supporters to check out Flogging Molly when Flogging Molly rolls through your town. I want to take this time to thank Dave and the whole Flogging Molly staff for making this interview happen. Check out all things Flogging Molly at

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