The Brotherhood, a country rock side project molded by a crew of musicians from other rock bands with three main components such as Michael Alexander, Scott Wilson and Rick Monroe as well as various other special guests, share with listeners, their newest single “Till The Wheels Fall Off”, co-written with and demoed by Arils Albritton. A song geared in having fun and doing what you do best until the wheels fall off, till there’s nothing left. The band consists of talented and multi-faceted musicians from many musical backgrounds and ultimately came together to create something fun they can enjoy without the pressure of deadlines and alienated focus.

Rick: “I’ve always thought that was a funny saying and I was like, I do roll until the wheels come off and it was like, what is kind of a fun party song that isn’t cliche. So, I’m just going to roll until the wheels fall off, just going to go out, have fun, I go out and drink, I play music, I live my life through music and everybody that sang on it can definitely relate to it, it resonated with everyone.”

The band brings forth musical efforts stemming from close allies coming out of their main projects to endure a fun path into country, hence the Brotherhood name. It has been something that has been in the works throughout the years, with writing music when the time permits between touring and shows of their own in their own, respected bands.

NC: Is a band like this a change of pace, is it more therapeutic for you?

Rick: “I think it’s more fun than anything, when you’re trying to create something to make something happen, there’s a lot more pressure. It’s cool if it flies, great, if not it’s not like my mortgage isn’t going to get paid.”

The band is another covid case, as they had everything good to go, lined up and ready to make their debut until the health emergency made its way, putting everything on hold. As of the present, the band has yet to perform, but plan to make their start at Rock Fest, which is one of the biggest rock festivals in the U.S. They’re looking to create an actual full-length album with so many ideas in mind and in the works and plan to gain the works of many different talents.

“The core of it would be Michael, Scott, and I because that is kind of who started it all, but we’ll always look for other people to do this and not always be super country, they’ll be however they fall. Like a country song we turn into rock or a rock song we turn into country.”

Go check out “Till The Wheels Fall Off” and be sure to support “The Brotherhood by coming up with the guys via social media platforms and keep a look-out for new songs as they drop and don’t forget to give a follow to Rick Monroe and The Hitmen as it ties in with the new side project.

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