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The Genius of Brandon Boyd

Incubus front man Brandon Boyd released his first solo album in over a decade. An amazing creative artist whose art has truly stood the test of time making bangers in three decades of my life. March 11, 2022, marks the date of the release of his solo album “Echoes and Cocoons”. A project that took place over the first six months of the lockdowns due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus Brandon Boyd saw inspiration and looked at this with a silver lining.

“I feel really excited about this album, I made an album during a really strange period of time in the world and it’s not just that I made an album that I am excited about but it’s that I created something that speaks authentically to the place I was in amongst all of the chaos that was the world in that period of time. It was recorded over a six-month period during the height of the lockdowns because there really wasn’t much else to do, but I am super happy I had the opportunity to express myself musically and creatively during that period of time because inspiration doesn’t just come when you’re happy or sad. It’s more complex than that and the more complex the situation the more potential you have for great art to emerge, and I was hoping to ride that wave. If there is any silver lining to Covid-19 as artists, it’s inspiration or nothing. Don’t get me wrong what has transpired is horrifying but for artists trying to make sense of things it can make for beautiful art.” recalls Boyd

The album is like a mixtape I made for my girlfriend back in 1999, it has a little bit of everything and a little bit for everyone. Throughout the last few weeks Brandon and team have been releasing a song here and a song there off of the brilliant album “Echoes and Cocoons” however out of the four singles one caught my eye in particular “Dime in my dryer” more specifically what Brandon said about this in another interview “These are the things that are louder when the world is quiet” and my mind instantaneously went back to the lockdown and how quiet the world was.

“In my personal life it was a moment where, especially in the early days of lockdown where everything literally got more quiet. There were no cars on the street, barking dogs seemed to have disappeared, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life seemed to have stopped and we were left with a weird eerie twilight zone period of time, and it was downright spooky looking at the pictures of what once used to be people and life everywhere just empty streets. You would see pictures or videos of wildlife emerging into city streets and it happened really fast. All of that died down and I was left with just my girlfriend and myself here at the house and at first, we got really close, closer than we ever had before. We did really well for the first few months but after a while it started to fray, and we ended up breaking up for a period of time. Then I was alone amongst this weird experience where it was just me with my thoughts, pen, and sketch book and it occurred to me she was in a way my light in amongst all this fog. She was my lighthouse, and I was likely like that to her too if I am lucky. So, it occurred to me there is so much societal and cultural noise happening every single day spinning around like a dryer with all the stuff but there is one dime clinking around with the stuff and I made that my focal point.”

Brandon Boyd is an artistic treasure in our world, how his brain works and how his heart loves. Seeing the art and beauty in everything no matter the significance is truly inspiring to me as a human on earth. However, to truly understand the amazing artist Brandon has become you have to ask yourself how did he get there and what events or people in his life have helped him to see the world with the eyes he possesses. I am sure there were a lot of people and situations, but I truly believe the most influential person to Brandon’s genius was his grandfather. During our interview he recalled his grandfather on many occasions and each time I see his face light up and I see a sparkle in his eye.

“Anytime my family would go visit our grandparents, they would set up sleeping bags and pillows on the floor and my grandfather would come in with his guitar and sing us songs as we fell asleep, and I think that was hugely impactful to me as I was growing up. Having someone you loved and admired singing and playing beautiful Spanish songs to you as you drift away to sleep.”

I cannot sing Brandon Boyd’s praises enough. An amazing artist and an amazing man whose insight and creativity empowers me as a man. His album “Echoes and Cocoons” is a piece of art I cherish and appreciate. We here at No Cover Magazine want to encourage all its supporters to give it a listen and see the beauty in it. It’s now available wherever you consume your music.

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