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Nathan James has the appetite for SUCCESS

Natural visionary and artist, Nathan James has released a video for his track “Appetite”. The song itself was put together with buddy Nick, and a huge spark of creative energy. That made “Appetite” the reality it is today. The video coinciding with the track is a very rock n roll type of seduction and rich in sexual desire as well as that heaviness that is brought to the table which makes the perfect recipe for admirers of industrial and nu metal who enjoy a little bit of sexy. 


Possessing many facets of artistry such as also having an eye for and creating a career in photography, Nathan explains just where that comes from, as it has been a part of his path since childhood.


“I’ve always been one to never be able to sit still, I always had to be doing something and as a little kid that something was a lot of building and imagining and having a vision in my head and then creating something for it. The same thing applied for photography and with music, just being very imaginative and actually making that into real life. That’s what really got me getting into it from a really young age, especially with my mom being an art teacher, so there was always creative energy in the house.”


As someone who produces his bucks through innovative means, we are truly impressed by Nathan’s attitude as far as making his visions for his work. It seems that there’s always a way to gain and create and with his background in photography, going back in time to 2019, he had shown a collection of work called “Nightmares” in a gallery that inspired him to envision creating music with what the images portrayed. 


“Each image represents a different insecurity or nightmare that we go through in our lifetime.  When I had those images up, I thought, “how cool it would be if there was a song that I sing that represents what those images mean and what the story behind that is.”

He is a prime example of a unique individual who creates art for the love of creating art vs producing art to achieve capital with little to no meaning or feeling. 


After this release of “Appetite” Nathan James is set to release another song in December to conclude 2021. He plans to dive into his endeavor of putting together a collection of music, which would be his first proper album or ep. The world is primed to find out who Nathan James really is, as his new project answers the question, Who is Nathan James? 


“I really want that project to establish, this is Nathan James, the artist, visually, sonically, everything. Like, damn, I get it.”


On behalf of this noble artist, we invite you to check out Nathan James’ video for his song “Appetite” on YouTube and be sure to keep up with him on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook @thatsnathanJames.

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