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Top 5 Food Dishes to Look for In Cleveland

By Jake Moore

When you think of Cleveland there may be many things that come to mind, the live entertainment, the professional sports teams, or maybe one of the pristine museums it has. What you may not think of right away is the amazing food that was made and shaped by the Cleveland culture. Whether it be a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted burger or a delicious frozen treat, there are many delicacies to try all made here.

If you’re looking to get a little taste of Ireland done the Cleveland way then there is no other sandwich to try than Slyman’s Tavern Corned Beef. They have been open since 1964 and have been serving their famous family recipe since. On the corned beef, it’s up to the customer what cheese and bread they want and I suggest going classic with rye and Swiss cheese to get the full experience. Slyman’s Tavern has been a staple of Cleveland’s food scene and continues to do so with this sandwich.

Another great dish to try that originated in Ohio is the Galley Boy from Swenson’s. It is a double cheeseburger with two different special sauces they make in-house. You can add more to it from that point but there is no need to. This restaurant has also spread locations to Indiana and is planning to grow even more. It’s always great to see something from Ohio going out even further to make big accomplishments in the world.

Next, we have a greater Cleveland area takeout spot that offers quality food at a great price. We are talking about Kim’s Wings. They offer many varieties and flavors but right now we want to highlight the meal deal they offer that has 12 wings and a side of fries for only nine dollars. With everywhere making their prices higher, deals like this help people out while still being able to get great food.

The last specialty dish we wanted to highlight is a legitimate challenge. It’s found at Melt Bar and Grilled which started in Lakewood Ohio where you can find gourmet grilled cheese and craft beer. They have an immense number of sandwiches to try and monthly rotating ones. It is hard to pick just one to try but we would be wrong to not talk about the Melt Challenge. A five-pound grilled cheese sandwich with 13 different cheeses, three slices of grilled bread, and a pile of fries and slaw. This is a unique dish meant for commercial value but the rest of the menu is amazing too and well worth checking out.

The last place we want to highlight is where you would go after any one of these spots mentioned before. Masons Creamery is a locally owned business in Cleveland Ohio that makes small batches of limited ice cream and then the same for ramen in the wintertime. They emphasize creativity with their dishes so with revolving flavors they encourage you to try them rather than having a signature flavor. They do have signature Korean Corndogs all summer long that are very much worth trying.

These are just a couple of the many places and dishes to try around Cleveland. There are always more great places to find and try to help support local businesses as well. For more places to go in The Land stay with No Cover Magazine.


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