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Scott Hicks of punk rock band, Totally Slow, welcomes us to honor their new single “The Lost Art Of Shutting Up”. A lot of us would learn a thing or two if we sat down and actually listened, observed and think critically if we just quit adding in our two cents to every news story that makes its way out into the world.
“For me it’s about that social media thing of everyone feeling like their opinion is important on everything all the time. Also, I think I wrote the song close to the George Floyd stuff happening, feeling like it’s time people of my persuasion just shut up and just listen a little bit, you know? Just a general sense of everyone feeling like they need to pipe in.”
Totally Slow, formed in 2013, is a group of guys that naturally brings you back to the days of classic, old school punk rock. In a way, making you feel young again, creating a wave of nostalgia, discovering that music like this even exists, being influenced by bands such as, Circle Jerks and 7 Seconds to name a couple. One of the most impactful bands and gateway into the romance for punk rock for Scott, personally, was Agent Orange, 80s being sort of the kick-off era for the majority of us. With their sound having that familiar old school punk sound, the gang of four keep it original and honest without a formula or certain dead set way of conjuring up new tunes.
As a general indication, when young and growing into yourself as an adult, we typically find what molds our musical tastes for years to come. Scott has been playing in bands since he was 14-15 years old and had been captivated, finding his voice and implementing his expression through music ever since.
“I kinda just got stuck that way and it was never motivated by anything but like finding my created voice, like a medium I can express it in, confidently and kinda stuck with it.”
The band’s name simply emerged at a time before the band came together, painting signs in the neighborhood, urging vehicles to be mindful of their speed when passing through. One sign stuck out, saying “totally slow” which became a moment of just knowing those set of words needed to be rehashed in the future as a band name.
“We were hand-painting these signs to tell people to slow down because kids were playing in the street and cars were driving too fast and someone did one that said totally slow. I basically, immediately was like, that’s going in my back pocket.”
Having Totally Slow on your playlist will be the least regretful decision, they add the feel-good classic punk rock sound to your collection that also quickly stands out from the rest. Check out “The Lost Art Of Shutting Up” available on popular music platforms via Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

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