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Third Eye Blind Summer Gods:  25 Years in the Blind 


Third Eye Blind is sharing a video for the previously unreleased song Second Born,” directed by Stephane Laurencin.  Written by Stephan Jenkins a long time ago, the band has been performing the song live for years.  It’s a highlight of Unplugged (June 24), an album of reimagined songs celebrating the band’s 25th anniversary.  Presave Unplugged here.

“It’s one of those songs that never found its way onto an album because those were always cohesive collections from a time—as albums should be,” says Stephan Jenkins, who wrote the song a long time ago.
“Instead of a look back, [keyboardist] Colin Holbrook’s reinterpretation of the arrangement  brought a look forward.  Stephane Laurencin’s video is so subtle, I did not recognize how the audio and visual components were wed until I noticed myself caring for the two skaters and feeling myself way farther projected into their experiences than what was being shown.  That is the inner landscape being conjured.”
“Second Born” follows new versions of “Red Star” and “How’s It Going to Be”

“We wanted to make a comprehensive retrospective, but we couldn’t,” says Stephan Jenkins. “We can’t seem to say what 3eb is because we’re still actively figuring that out.  In the studio, I came even more to grips with Virgil Abloh’s thought that everything in art and music is prototype.”
Jenkins adds, “Due to its overall nutty/crunchy vibe, the working title is For Ren-Fairers and Backpackers.  When seeking direction for an arrangement, our recurring adage was ‘what would John Mayer do?’  We hope you like it anyway!”
On June 22, the band will kick off their tour Summer Gods: 25 Years in the Blind, with Taking Back Sunday and Hockey Dad. Tickets are on sale now.
“Twenty-five years of Third Eye Blind finds us feeling glorious as if everything is coming into deeper focus,” adds Stephan. “It’s not lost on us that this is a miracle, and that we are in it because of the new fans that keep discovering us and the people who, over the years, have made our music part of their culture.”
The Summer Gods tour will be supporting the restoration of a portion of the Palos Verdes Kelp Forest. Called the Blind Reef, proceeds of each ticket will help our friends in the surf community at SeaTrees to restore the kelp ecosystem that sequesters carbon off the California Coast.
Third Eye Blind Unplugged

Isn’t It Pretty


Red Star



How’s It Gonna Be

God Of Wine

Never Let You Go

Second Born

Semi Charmed

Palm Reader

Losing A Whole Year

Back to Zero

Produced by Stephan Jenkins and Colin Holbrook

Engineer Charles Godfrey

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